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Overview of my chosen business

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Task 2 (AO1) Overview of Boots I have chosen to look at a medium sized business, which is Boots. The product that I will be promoting for Boots is a Digital DVD Camcorder, which will also have a UMD port, where it will enable people record videos on to the UMD memory card and then choose to watch their own video on some other potable device such as a PSP as well as watch other movies using the UMD memory card. The reasons for why I have chosen to look at this pacific product is the fact that Boots haven't outsourced any sort of electronic products but have been outsourcing their own toiletry products. What I mean by 'own' is that they (Boots) actually get other people to make the products for themselves and sell them by putting their own brand name on it, which is Boots. Bearing this all in mind I thought it would be a very good idea if Boots could actually produce their own branded (Boots) first electronic product. Therefore I saw what electronic products Boots had already been selling in the past. They didn't have any camcorders being sold, since approximately a year ago. At this point I thought it was a right choice that I made to choose a camcorder as my chosen product to market on. The main reason for why I have chosen this product is because it fits in well with Boots current marketing objectives and as I have already mentioned that the reason for why it was this camcorder that I chose to market on is because it fits in well with the business product strategy. Currently the business Boots is doing well in selling goods and has been doing well since they had first opened. Boots have been making around the same sort of profit over the past year so therefore it would be a very good idea if I market a new product that is in demands which I think would ...read more.


Eventually, the benefits of protecting small pharmacies were outweighed by the lower prices that could be gained by letting supermarkets compete. So the RPM was abolished. Beauty and Toiletries Boots is the leading UK retailer in a number of cosmetic brands, such as No. 7. Baby, Food and Photography * Baby-related products are good for increasing 'footfall' (a retail term for the number of people entering the store) * Sandwiches * Food items for customers with special dietary requirements * Digital cameras and in-store technology to produce prints from memory cards Opticians, Dental care and Wellbeing services * Opticians and eye care, including LASIK clinics. * Dental care is a growing part of Boots' services. Private dentistry in the UK is worth �2bn annually. * Boots' Wellbeing beauty treatment centres were shut down in 2003. Boots Pricing On Boots website their were a lot of products that Boots sell online that are Psychological such as the cough and cold medicine which is only 99p. There are many other products that Boots use that are for something 99p. Boots also provide competitive pricing which means that Boots may sell the same products that other businesses like Boots my sell the same product but on a different price. For example Boots sell are mainly specialised in selling toiletry products such as window cleaning spray, but on the other hand super drug do the same product so therefore there is a pricing competition on what business will sell their product for a more amount. Role of functional areas in supporting marketing activity Job Roles What they are Responsible of Marketing Director Responsible for the overall marketing function and its aims and objectives Sales Director Responsible for the sales function Sales Manager Responsible for sales staff and the achievement of sales targets Advertising Manager In charge of advertising and publicity campaigns Market Researches Find out consumer opinions on goods and services Order Clerks Accept and process sales orders Telephone sales staff Accept and process telephone orders Accounting and Finance: - Marketing activities require finance research and product development and advertising, in particular, can prove very costly. ...read more.


It has made a big success for the business Boots. The business has made a lot of sales from this product. The product is in a very old age and did succeed in its aim. This product is doing well and needs to be kept by Boots. However the down side is that, for the last few months the sales have been drop down due to the fact that Dax had been introduce. Most of the people were buying Dax. So therefore it has a had a quite long time on the shelves at Boots and I have a feeling that sales may decline each time as new hair Gels will be introduced Using the Product life Cycle would be one of the excellent ways to analyze this product. This would go under the right side of the Maturity column. 5. This product was in Boots about a year back. But now Boots do not sell this product no more as the sales were decreasing. There was a time when Boots used to make a lot of money from Jif but then suddenly as new detergents come out the Jif spray and cream were not making that much sales so therefore the marketing department of Boots done a clever trick and gave the same product a new name called Cif and also advertised this new brand name on T.V, Billboards and other advertising methods too. The manufacturers of the Jif product did not change the stuff inside the Jif container but changed the labels on the container sprays and creams to 'Cif.' This plan did work by the marketing department and they did make quiet few more sales than what they made before from when they had the Jif sprays and cream. The product was re branded. Using the Ansoff's Matrix method of analysis the both 'Jif' and 'Cif' would belong in the first box annotated 'Market Penetration.' The Product life Cycle The Boston Matrix The Ansoff's Matrix The Ansoff's Matrix ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 1 - Creating A Marketing Proposal Waseem Hussain 2541 Deacons School 22321 8 ...read more.

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