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AS and A Level: People & Operations Management

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How to manage people successfully

  1. 1 A business needs to be clear on their recruitment needs and then use recruitment practices to ensure that they find them.
  2. 2 A business must train their staff in the right way. This is likely to include a mix of off the job and on the job training.
  3. 3 Staff must be appraised so that the business ensures that they are performing the job correctly. This appraisal process will often include objective setting for employees and then judging whether they have performed to this standard.
  4. 4 Staff need to be managed so that they are motivated to do a good job.
  5. 5 One of the main measures of the effectiveness of staff is to look at their productivity. This measures the output of individual workers.

Five motivation theories

  1. 1 Identifying where you see examples of the below theories in action can give big analysis marks. Motivation is not all about money. Money gets people to work but only in certain circumstances does it then lead to a more motivated workforce.
  2. 2 F. W. Taylor believed that all that was necessary was for the management to decide on the most efficient means of production and then pay workers to do it.
  3. 3 Elton Mayo said that workers work best when their group needs are considered and they are treated as human beings rather than as machines as in Taylor’s theory.
  4. 4 Frederick Herzberg discriminated between hygiene factors like pay and good working conditions which did not motivate in themselves but the absence of them demotivated and the motivators like praise and interesting work which did motivate.
  5. 5 Maslow said that we have a hierarchy of needs and we are motivated by the next unfilled need. Most workers in developed countries have sufficient money to eat so you will not motivate them just with more money but by meeting their needs and by work that is fulfilling.

Five key concepts in operations management

  1. 1 Operations management is about how and where businesses produce their product e.g. labour or capital intensive, in-house or outsourced.
  2. 2 Capacity utilisation is the percentage of total possible output a business is actually producing. Too low and capital is not being used fully, too high and there is no slack for machine breakdown, sickness or new orders.
  3. 3 Economies of scale are the benefits accruing to a business for being larger e.g. it is likely to be able to buy goods in bulk, have more specialist managers and workers, produce on a larger scale.
  4. 4 Lean production is where a business reduces waste as much as possible. Just-in-time, where businesses hold minimum stock and produce to order is a key element of this.
  5. 5 Ensuring quality might be through quality control (checking at the end) quality assurance (all staff responsible for quality) or Total Quality Management where the whole ethos of the business is centred on quality.

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  1. Explain the key features of legislation and regulations on health and safety and how they are applied to the working conditions in North West Regional College.

    The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 apply. In practice, employers may delegate specific health and safety tasks to individuals in the NWRC pats Mc Hugh is in charge of Health and safety. But the employer retains the ultimate responsibility no matter who carries out the tasks. The employer should therefore maintain an audit track, making clear that is doing what and confirming that these tasks are being carried out. RIDDOR is the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences Regulation 1995.

    • Word count: 2744
  2. Retail case studies - Asda and Cricket fashion

    ASDAS Costs incurred: There are many costs involved in ASDAS distribution system. ASDA need to train staff to use the equipment applied for the particular job. ASDAS staff will need to know how to use the equipment correctly so that they can distributive the products quicker. A disadvantage of this is that ASDA may pay out a lot for distributing the products but this is made back when the products are sold. The advantages of this are that the products supplied are a lot quicker. Getting products in to the store is vital because it keeps up with customer demand.

    • Word count: 956
  3. In this report I will conduct a report on Crickets clothing and ASDA distribution systems.

    Designed labels would require space when shipping this would cost more and they would properly be delivered hanging. These designer labels will be shipped but they wouldn't be as frequent as some of the other high street shops such as top man or zara. Because designers are leading the trend and zara and top man are copying them. Cricket stock their clothes in a stock room and they wouldn't need a warehouse. Because cricket is a local brand this means that they will not need any other stock over the country. The distributing used by ASDA ASDA is the second biggest supermarket in the UK.

    • Word count: 1305
  4. I had to consider the type of documents that were required when recruiting a new employee for McDonalds. I had to make a variety of documents that would all help to get the ideal shift manager to work at McDonalds.

    I had to make sure I included the job role, where the job is based, the hours of work, how to apply and the experience that I required for the shift manager. The job advert is the start of the process of documents that are used to help find the correct recruit after the whole process. I'm going to discuss the advantage and disadvantages of this document which I used for the recruitment process of the shift manager. Advantages By using this type of document when recruiting for McDonalds, you can appeal to a much wider audience; get a bigger cross section of people from different backgrounds.

    • Word count: 2166
  5. When I first began the process of recruiting an employee for McDonalds, I was looking for an employee to work as a shift manager.

    I also ensured that I let the potential recruit know how to apply to make it easier for them. From looking at my Advert and the type of information that was included I thought it was appealing, and stood out from the bold font what was used, but it could have been slightly more in depth as to the basic skills/ requirement that was expected of the shift manager, due to the CV's received that didn't have the experience of working under management.

    • Word count: 1970
  6. Setting up a business - new business case study questions.

    Give reason for your answer. (9 marks) AO1: Kn. 1 mark AO2: App 2 marks (explain and developing your point, with examples relevant to Josef's business AO3 / AO4: Evaluation: Justify (give reasons) your ideas. Drawing up a business plan would certainly help Josef's business but it does not guarantee its success. It is important for Josef to put together a plan as it helps him realise everything that needs to be done, for example, all the different market research and promotions. He will also put together forecasts for cash flow and budgets and this will help him foresee any problems so therefore he can organise an overdraft for that time.

    • Word count: 876
  7. Business resources

    For example: when Nissan plan for their shareholders meeting, first they will send invitation letters and e-mails to all the shareholders in writing, with agenda of the meeting including the details of the meeting such as location of the meeting, date, time and programme of the day and some guidance notes. I found the invitation letter that Nissan sent to shareholders in 2010 (please see attached supporting document number 01) 3. On-screen information- information will be showing on projector or any kind of screen.

    • Word count: 5838
  8. Business Environment

    * Personal interest/ attributes- it's helpful for both parties to understand each other as it shows the requirement of people's character for the job role. Person's interest may relate to the job role, for example if you are not comfortable with approaching to stranger, you may not be suitable for jobs like sales person who deals with customers face to face as part of their job role, if you enjoy talking to people you might enjoy the work and motivated to be at work, meaning that success will be a closer for you.

    • Word count: 5505
  9. Describe the recruitment, retention and documentation process in Tesco, include job descriptions and person specifications.

    We do this planning process runs each year from the last week in February. To check this we have quarterly reviews where we can adjust staff levels and employ more staff if needed. Jobs come available due to: * New stores open and new staff are needed * Member of staff retires or gets sacked At Tesco we aim to attract the right standard of applicants to apply for the job vacancies here at the company. Here at Tesco we advertise in many different ways, depending on the type of job available. Firstly we seek to fill many vacancies from within the company.

    • Word count: 927
  10. Mission Statement & Vision Statement

    To break this down into my own definition we could say that a mission statement is what the business aims to achieve, a mission statement defines the core purpose of an organization, why it exists, and reflects employees' motivations for engaging in the company's work. Effective mission statements are inspirational and easy to understand. Vision Statement A vision statement is defined by www.businessdictionary.com as: "Aspirational description of what an organization would like to achieve or accomplish in the mid-term or long-term future.

    • Word count: 909
  11. Business Strategy

    To show you what I mean, if we look at the firms that operate in the airline industry, they could never have predicted the events of September 11th. Because of this, their strategy would have immediately changed. This might have been from making a profit to survival. Strategic planning could benefit a business by allowing it to be able to respond to seen or unseen, changes within their environment. This might be a new competitor that has entered the same market or an unpredictable change such as a natural disaster.

    • Word count: 1700
  12. Explain why human resource planning is so important to an organization.

    By forecasting the needs of technical and other human resources it can minimize the future risk of losing. A delay in recognizing human resources might be costly and expensive in the future. (Example: ABN AMRO banks are compelled to upgrade their staffs by providing the latest skills and knowledge, so that they stay competing against other banking businesses. Human resource planning is also good for investors who want to invest in the business. Any investment in the HR activities considered an investment for the future growth and development of the organization.

    • Word count: 3090
  13. Recruiting Staff Case Study. I am Human Resource Assistant Manager. This is a report about recruiting an additional Front Office Clerk for job handling, to promote better service for guest and help to work more efficiency.

    The reasons for requisition are because there are some feedbacks from customers that they think the service quality of the front desk is not good enough and seem to be disappointed. Staffs' attitude looks very bad and dissatisfied. The staffs of the front desk are always very busy. When the customers need helps, the staffs respond them very late. Then, I asked the Front Desk Manager about that, and then I understand the main reason that why the staffs cannot provide good service to the customers.

    • Word count: 2328
  14. In this essay I will be analysing the importance and use of command and control within a uniformed public service then I will go on to give bad and good examples of where command and control have been used.

    Those responsible for command and control must be prepared, trained and practised in the necessary skills. All of the uniformed public services have a chain of command, or management structure, with levels of command responsibilities identified by ranks or titles. Each public service has to deal with a different set of situations or scenarios which must be managed through a system of command and control. Command and control is used by the uniformed public services to deal effectively with many situations. An example would be a plane crash, it would require proper command and control in order for the emergency services to respond quickly and efficiently to the recovery operation.

    • Word count: 879
  15. The two government policies that I have chosen to write a word report about is the Equality act and Environmental change act.

    In the police force, at the current climate it is very lucky that you would get police officers from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds and different beliefs. The aim of the equality act has had a big impact on the police force because before you would have only seen white police officers but since the act has been introduced all the different background and religions have been able to get the job. This act was an advantage to the police force to make it a better working environment seen as the government had backed it up also every staff in the police force has to pledge to it.

    • Word count: 1093
  16. Risk Assessment for Group Work

    Solution: We can request that each member write a quick synopsis of what they have completed for the week. Everyone must know what is expected and if their update is in no way associated with the weekly task, we can redirect their attention at that time. If someone doesn't want to complete a task, this will be evident in discussion and that task will have to quickly reassign to another member of the group. 3. Loafing. The loafer is the most commonly cited disadvantage of group work. This is when a member does not contribute to the group, +and therefore decreases the group's ability to perform to their full potential.

    • Word count: 1177
  17. Skills and personality attributes needed by a good manager.

    Diplomat - "a person who is tactful and skillful in managing delicate situations, handling people, etc." Diplomatic skill is important for a business manager, to represent the company and improve company's image. Diplomatic person is available to deal with different kind of problems in eloquent way and also can win good conditions in contracts or deals with other firms by skilful speeches and good management of arguments.

    • Word count: 2066
  18. AO2 business

    to visit hotel. The other benefits of the position of Canal Court in city centre is that it provides easy access to public transport such as bus or train station and also is located close to the biggest shop centers in Newry such as Buttercrane and the Quays which make it comfortable for the costumers if they want to visit it. The strong side of the Canal Court Hotel being located in Newry is because at this time when company begins to run, Newry was a growing city, so the business as huge as hotel was innovative and big advantage for local community in developed.

    • Word count: 5088
  19. Unit 13 Applied Business

    We have decided to give all of the proceedings to 'Great Ormond Street Hospital' as we thought it was a great cause, which many people can relate to, and an organisation that many want to help. The aim of the day is: - 'To create an enjoyable festive event for the public, and raising money for 'Great Ormond Street Hospital' We all chose different events to research and then nominated which one we thought would be most successful and appealing to the public, as well as being the most feasible.

    • Word count: 17300
  20. Business SMART targets

    I would make sure I wake up early for my lessons and come in college before 10mins registration so I would have time to get everything sorted before the lesson starts and also coming into college everyday which would improve my attendance. If I do not monitor my attendance then this would affect me as they might not take me in as my attendance has gone down this would look bad on my reference as they wouldn't take me serious as they might not think I'm reliable and not keen to study.

    • Word count: 1566
  21. Job roles in travel and tourism - Air cabin crew and Holiday rep.

    Giving first aid to passengers where necessary; * Ensuring passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight and checking that there is no luggage left in the overhead lockers; * Completing paperwork, including writing a flight report. Entry requirements Height: Airlines have set a minimum height restriction between 5'2" and 6'3" for safety reasons, so the cabin crew can reach all the safety and emergency equipment on the aircraft Weight: companies usually ask for height should be in proportion to weight which enables cabin crew to wear the standard crew safety harness.

    • Word count: 1135
  22. Advising a small business on HRM planning. As the business was growing there was no formal Human Resources Planning and it was the right time to built Human Resources Management team in order achieves the objectives and goals.

    The function of personal manager usually begins with the staffing process. Someone has to be focused on screening and interviewing persons, with en eye to placing individuals with the right skill sets in the right position within the company. Along with placement the HR manager may also oversee or at least be involved in the creation of entry level training programs well as continuing education opportunities for existing employees. Depending on the size of the organisation, it may be possible for one person to handle the personal management functions. As company grows it might be necessary to expand to Human Resources team.

    • Word count: 4854
  23. The Appeal and Importance of UK Visitor Attractions

    This provides an opportunity for people to still enjoy the best moments of their experience. In addition, the number of places to eat around Madame Tussauds makes it easier for tourists and visitors to find a place where they can relax after their visit. Different type of visitors:- Students - Madame Tussauds has a range of activities and attractions for students. The ride of London provides a summary of how London as a city developed from the ancient times to date and so this could be of interest to students studying History.

    • Word count: 1167
  24. Different things motivate different people at work

    If a company pay its staff more money then they the company may make more profit overall. Many people have come up with theories on what motivates people such as: Abraham maslow thinks that everyone has a hierarchical of needs and you are motivated by yours. He describes it as a pyramid and says that once you fulfil one level of needs you will move on to the next one. He believes we all have the same basic needs and they are fulfilled in order 1) Physiological needs- Life, food, water survival 2) Safety needs - Job security in a nice environment 3)

    • Word count: 1245

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