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Stragetic Management

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Table of Content Part A - Word Count: 534 words 1 1. Introductiom 1 2. Critical Analysis 2 3. Conclusion 3 4. Reference 3 5. Annexure - Author Background 4 Part B - Word Count -1042 words 5 1. Introduction 5 2. Strengths 5 3. Weaknesses 5 4. General Learning Benefit 5 5. Ranking of Learning Benefit of Each CEO 6 6. Other Prominent Leader. 7 7. Conclusion 8 8. Annexure 8 Part A - Word Count: 534 words 1. Introductiom USQ MGT8039 Strategic Leadership S2, 2005 Study Book (p 1.11), sighted that Hoskisson, Hitt and Ireland (2004, p.37) defined strategic leadership as "the ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility and empower others to create strategic change as necessary... managing through others, managing an entire enterprise rather that a functional subunit". 2. Critical Analysis Strategic management can be described as a process undertaken by top-level management. Thomson el all (2002, pp. 3-15)) elaborate that strategic management is process about defining the purpose of existent of an organization, formulating a long term strategy to fit the organization's external and internal situation, build sustainable advantage and improve organization performance. In contrast, strategic leadership is a function that drives the strategic management process in the organization. In view of this, the author would like to adopt a stand that strategic leadership is different from strategic management but both intertwined and co-exist to compliment each other. Strategic management will not exist without strategic leadership. The scope of top level management in this respect shall encompasses the Board of Directors, CEO and top management and the strategic leadership which, they exercise would be in-conjunction or individually. Emergence of globalization whilst giving new opportunities for organization to new markets, also exposes organization to new challenges for competitions and rapid changes of competitive environment. The strategic management undertaken by organization to address these challenges required strategic leadership to drive the task of crafting and executing the organization strategy. ...read more.


Ranking fourth is Bill Gates. Bill Gates leadership approach to knowledge management was definitely a lesson that that the author have learned. Gates ability to see the future label him as visionary leader. Ranking fifth is Jack Welch. Jack Welch was good corporate strategies. Though through learning organization make GE a great company, his "number one or number two" strategy was mean and neglected the human aspect which the author believe negate the overall leadership pursuit. This strategy though might work with big corporation like GE, might not work on the smaller organization. People commitment to their job could be due to job security. Ranking sixth is Lou Gerstner. Gerstner approach to put IBM under the scrutiny of its customer and use the market feedback to transform IBM would be expected of him. His previous experience in Nabisco naturally would give IBM a fresh perspective of how to business would be directed. No doubt his leadership abilities would have contributed to his success transforming IBM. Ranking seventh is Michael Dell. Dell approach to build DELL business model surround the customer and his strategy of mass customization would be the natural things to do for highly competitive industry like computers. Whereas other failed, Dell succeeded to harness the power of Information Technology to build DELL supply chain. Probably other computer makers would have recognized the important of bringing the business closer to the customer but they fail to know how. 6. Other Prominent Leader. Another leader that the author regards to be prominent is Fujio Cho, the president of the Toyota Motor Corporation. Fortune reported that Toyota's worldwide sales leapt 10%, to 7.5 million vehicles, posting strong growth in all regions. Toyota's profits for fiscal year 2003 exceeded those of GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, and Volkswagen combined. (Annex A) Cho portray his leadership style particularly dedicates his time through interaction with the working group on the production floor, congratulating them of their best achievement. ...read more.


The arrogance of "the three big ones" of America has blinded them. They don't seem to be willing to change, and they continue to loose market share and prestige. The Japanese industry, on the other hand, shares its "secrets" with everybody. Determine today what example you want to follow: that of the winners or that of the losers. The industries of the world need Leaders, people who give authentic support instead of orders; who model the behavior they want to see from others; who encourage ideas and new ways of improving processes and products; who "grow" new leaders for the future. I wish you a day of change and success, followed by another and another...... Annex C -Toyota experiences extreme self disappointment, somebody cry me a river Posted Aug 9, 2004, 10:48 AM ET by Christopher Diken Related entries: Hybrids/Alternative, Trends Source: http://www.autoblog.com/entry/6449113922489878/ Despite raking in $10 billion in earnings last year and looking like it will surpass that mark this year, Toyota is not happy. Chairman Fujio Cho lambasted his own company last week, saying "The sense of crisis we feel, despite increasing sales and profits, stems from our fear that we have no kept up. Particularly fears that we have not kept up with environmental issues..." Ok, Fujio, I know it's noble to be hard on yourself, as that's how Toyota got to this point in the first place, but what about the unbridled success of the Prius and the manifold hybrid concepts like the Volta and Lexus' pending RX hybrid SUV? It's still not even close to enough, apparently, as Chairman Cho revealed plans to get 300,000 hybrids on tarmac by the end of next year. But, wait, this isn't really about environmentally-responsible transport, is it? No, I didn't think so: Toyota has long been forced to compete only with itself as far as quality and reliability were concerned; this year, however, the untarnishable reputation pitted slightly around the edges as Hyundai passed Toyota in J.D. Power's Initial Quality Study. MGT8039 Strategic Leadership Student Name: Lee Deek Sern Assignment 1 - MBA - USQ. Student No :0050042871 Date:5/9/2007 Page: 1 ...read more.

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