Pink Ladies - developing a business to provide a high quality cleaning service.

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Appropriate assets

Asset one

My first asset it a Tom Tom in car Sat Nav system which helps find places in which I will need to go to clean houses. The reason Pink Ladies need a Sat Nav is it will help find customer houses as they will not know where they are and may get losed, losing the customers due to being late. It makes it easier to find customer houses. This costs £229.99.

Asset two

My second asset is an all in one carpet washer which cleans carpet and dries them after cleaning. Pink Ladies need this as it will help do good quality cleaning and Pink Ladies will be able to provide the service of cleaning carpets and be able to clean effective as part of the service they provide. This costs £329.99.

Asset three

My third asset is a car, 55reg Citroën Picasso 2.0. Pink Ladies need a care to get to customers houses wills all the equipment and this why a picked a big car so all the equipment can get in and get effectively to customer houses for Pink Ladies to provide the service. This costs £7495.00. Its features are:

  • 15000 miles
  • Manual
  • Grey
  • Diesel
  • Estate
  • 55reg

Asset four

My four assets is a Hoover, turbo force which is a very powerful Hoover good for cleaning. By being a very powerful cleaner it will give good quality cleaning as it leave carpets looking clean. I need this as part of my service for Pink Ladies to Hoover when cleaning people houses. This costs £149.99.

Asset five

My five assets is a Vax stream cleaner, this will help with the services which I provide for Pink Ladies, it will help me clean up dirt which is hard to get off on shower and windows and anywhere around the house. It will help cleaner be quicker for a more effective service. This costs £69.99.

Staff roles with Pink Ladies

As Pink Ladies are only just started up, I am going to start the service to the public on my own. This is due to the money which I have left to spend on staffing costs and as I am starting up I will not have many customers due to people still hearing about me. This means I may have little cleaning jobs to start with which mean I will not need another member of staff to help me. I would also need separate equipment which I cannot afford so staff can be doing different jobs. Until I can afford this I will be working on my own. If in the future I will need staff when I expand I will need staff to go and do different cleaning jobs at different places. I will need staff to do paperwork as the service will be bigger and Pink Ladies will have more customers. They will be a bigger demand for cleaning so with the profit I will able to afford staff and buy more equipment.

Join now!

If Pink Ladies expand in the future, staff will be needed. This means I need to consider employment laws as it may affect Pink Ladies. These included:

  • Minimum wage- A worker has to pay a certain amount depending on their age. This means I have to pay at least this wage when having staff:

Adults who are 21 or over- £5.52

18-21 years old- £4.60

16-18 years old- £3.40

This means when employee staff for Pink Ladies I will to give at least minimum wage and this may affect how much I charge for my service.

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