plan and prepare for recruitment

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Task 4

Identify and describe how two different organisations plan and prepare for recruitment and how they use internal and external sources for this.

How does a vacancy arise, a vacancy may arise dues to the company or organisation being understaffed, their current employees maybe unhappy at work or may have left for a better job or may have been promoted. It is important for the company to find out why someone has left this can bee done by conducting an exit interview, this will clarify any adjustments that may need to be made within the company to make employees fee more comfortable when working.

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After conducting the exit interview the company have to decide:

Do they need to recruit?

        Yes                 No


                        Internal        External


-Cheaper                                -wider choice of people

-you know the people


-Could get bias                        -unknown quantity

Might not be the right


Planning recruitment at UWE

Week 1

Forward letter of resignation the personnel services.

Draw up recruitment documentation and RAF send to resourcing section.

Week 2

Check RAF in resourcing

Pass far to management and accounting

Week 2-3

Review recruitment document

Discuss modifications as ...

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