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President cheese company profile.President is the biggest dairy product manufacturer in Egypt and the Middle East; it was launched in 1997 as a franchisee in Egypt

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President Profile

Brief explanation:

President is the biggest dairy product manufacturer in Egypt and the Middle East; it was launched in 1997 as a franchisee in Egypt. It owns two organizational companies one called Best cheese for dairy products and the other called Al Nour for dairy products, both form an organization under president the mother company of both. President has a factory for manufacturing products in the 10th of Ramadan in Egypt, and it is equipped with the latest automated manufacturing machinery for packaging, production of products and the latest advanced computing systems to control the production line of the products. The latest technological systems used, tends to be the strongest factor in pushing the company to be the leader of the market from its high quality products produced. Furthermore, it has joint ventured with the great cheese company Lactalis, and it’s one of the biggest and strongest cheese company in Europe and it was established in 2005, both have grown in the cheese industry market and became the leaders in the region it exports and market mostly their products.

President tend to have an office for exporting, and it’s in 8 street Khalid Ebn el Walid, Sheraton in Heliopolis, which is detailed in their official website.

Promotional offers

President is known as the innovative of promotions in the market, it has introduced new ideas of promotions in the market that increased the company’s value from the other competing companies in the market, and it has increased its products demand and has been recognized quickly by consumers of the dairy products. President have brought the mystery along with its products, first of all, in the triangle cheese, offers one pack free with each one you buy depending on which pack the prize is offered with. Secondly, it offers a collection of gifts of president products, for instance a package of triangle, square cheese, a cream jar and bouquet cheese which is newly introduced in the market, and these products will be mentioned shortly after that in details with its nutritional ingredients.

Products manufactured

President had mainly focused on producing its products targeting the youth level of age, which contains nutritional ingredients that is healthy and beneficial for them, for example calcium.

There are several products with lots of flavours each that are manufactured from president. First product that president launched with in the market in 1997 is the triangle cheese, it consists of vitamin A, B2, B12, 9.3g of proteins, 24g of fats, 5g carbohydrates, 300mg of calcium and 1131KJ of energy. After that, it introduced the square cheese in the market with three different recipes, square with cream flavour available with 6, 8 and 12 portions per pack, square cream with mint and available with 6 portions per pack, and last square cream with yoghurt available with 6 portions as well.

After short period it then introduced the light version of the triangle cheese, with more proteins 13g (3.7 grams more than the normal triangle cheese), less fats 9g (15g less than the normal triangle), and 8g of carbohydrates which contaminate the body with 683KJ of energy.

Then comes the cream jar cheese, and it’s launched in April 2006 in the market, it is produced with three flavours, first one is cheddar and its served 140, 240 or 480 grams, second one is with cream and its served for only 140 and 240 grams, while for the third, is romy and it is also manufactured with weight of 140 and 240 grams in size. The cheddar and the romy, contains the same nutritional value, 9g proteins, 4g carbohydrates and 1185 kJ for energy except for a slight difference in the fats, the cheddar contains 26g while the romy contains 25g. While for the creamy jar, it consists of the same carbohydrates of 4g, but 8.5g of proteins, 28g of fats and 1243KJ of energy.

The next type of product introduced from president in 2007, is the Bouquet, and it’s a new idea and thought which introduced a totally different and innovative dairy product to the market. It is a pack containing four different flavours of cheese, Gouda, romy, cream and smoked cheese, all in one pack consisting of two pieces of each flavour.

Then comes the delicious product which can be served with various types of food, the cheese slices; it has five different types of slices each contain 200g and 10 slices produced per pack. The first one is cheddar slices and it’s specified to be added to burger and plain sandwiches. The second one is served with toast, while for the next one is specified for mozzarella added to pizza. Lastly, the other type of cheddar slices is the light one, which can be added to any food but with 60 % less fat than the normal cheddar slices.

Then the latest product is the white cheese and it is introduced in Feb 2008, it is produced with three varieties of flavours, Baramily, istanbolli and low salted cheese, all have the same nutritional volumes, 5g of minerals, 8-12g of proteins, 18-20g of fats, 5g of carbohydrates consuming 230 Kcal of energy.

President Focuses

President has focused on manufacturing their products for the sake of providing the right nutritional values to obtain and regulate child’s health, fitness and beauty. As another proof, is that president has provided their consumers with fitness advices, importance of calcium and steps to regulate body health within their website.

How to obtain fitness

  1. Order your salad or sandwich with brown bread with no sauce on to minimize the calories in the meal
  2. Replace the stacked pizza with thin crust pizza to minimize calories
  3. Order chicken nuggets rather than the hamburger
  4. Remove the upper bread layer for less calories
  5. Eat 2-3 calcium meals per day
  6. Replace all fatty dairy products with ones contains calcium
  7. Practice regular exercises to maintain healthy bones and body weight

Importance of calcium

  1. Maintain body weight
  2. It regulates the energy in the body which leads to weight loss
  3. Strengthens bones
  4. Protects internal body organs

Few steps for healthier lifestyle

  1. Remove chicken skin before cooking to minimize the fats
  2. Eat more fruits rather than its juice to minimize fat gaining
  3. Drink a cup of cool water in the morning and before sleeping because it helps in burning body fats
  4. Prevent eating nuts when hungry because it will make you eat more without notice
  5. It is essential to add extra protein to your meals to prevent you from feeling hungry
  6. Eat your main dinner at noon and the last meal has to be small
  7. Begin your day with a good breakfast to minimize your hunger during the day

On top of all the positive facilities provided in president website, it also have provided their consumers with delicious recipes and meals based on their cheese products.

  1. Makaroni with cheese sauce
  2. Chocalate cookies with squared president cheese
  3. Crab meat crib with president cheese
  4. Chicken breast loaded with with president square chees
  5. Mushed potato with president square cheese

The other feature that has provided in the website is attractive wallpapers based on their products with featured games for fun.

To summerise what we have looked at through president website (presidentegypt.com), is that they have tried by all means to satisfy and attract as many consumers as possible reserving their rights to maximise the demand on their products.

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