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Pro's and Con's of Documents

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In this task I will analyse both the documentation use and the interviews I carried out. I will indentify the advantages and disadvantages of each part of my recruitment process. Procedure/task Pros Cons Person specification * Our persons specification focuses on exactly what skills are required for the job * It also determines the type of person required for the job * It is very informative and goes straight to the point * The final draft was very well presented and clear to understand * Took us a very long time to construct * Also potential applicants may be put off by the certain qualifications required Job description * we included very detailed table explaining what the job requires * it provides vital information to the applicant * we made sure it explains clearly the roles of the job * initially it was very long, as it was not summarised briefly * took us a very long time to construct due to the number of roles of the job, potential applicants may not apply for the job * Took us a long time to consider the job roles needed Application forms * we created it so that is would be straight forward for the applicant to fill in * our applicants get a chance to explain their qualities briefly * we get the information that we want and none other * gives us an indication of the applicants work related achievements * we didn't get a chance to analyse the applicants personality and people skills * we eliminated any application forms with mistakes, in this way we could of potentially lost out on the best person for the job * took us very long to construct Job adverts * it advertises the job available in a striking manner * it was very easy for us to construct * we can distribute it in many areas, therefore numerous people are aware there is a job available * our job advert may have potentially attracted ...read more.


* A applicant which we discarded, may have been the best person for the job * Was disagreements within the group Interview Questions * Allowed us to find out additional knowledge about the applicant * Reveals to us a insight on the work related background of the applicant * Gives the applicant a chance to impress with us, convincing answers * Appropriate questions took us a long time to construct * We asked a couple Inappropriate questions * The wording of the question confused us Interview Style * Was a very formal style * This sets the professional style, which we followed * Candidates that we interviewed were distracted by the this * During candidate 4's interview there seemed to be a nervy atmosphere, this made him feel uncomfortable Final Procedure Selection * This ensures that we have chosen the best applicant * We had time to change any decisions if necessary * We might have lost superior candidates in the other stages * Was very time consuming Summary of Documents Person specification The purpose for producing a speciation is to identify for potential employees the personal qualities required to carry out the duties of the post. I feel the person specification we made, clearly identifies the personal qualities required for this position. This would be sent of to any person who has shown an interest in the job position and this clearly explains to the person, what type of person Jaguar is looking for. From this the applicant can write on their Application Form how they meet these requirements. Job description The purpose of producing a job description is to allow Jaguar, as an employer, to account for all aspects of the job which they are offering. The job description we created clearly defines what the job is about and what can be expected from the job. This is sent of, along with the person specification to any person interest, as it clearly explains the jobs roles. ...read more.


applicant good points and bad points, it is very easy to fill out and helps to note down important facts about the candidate. This consists of two columns, with the obvious headings strengths and weaknesses. This will be used by the interviewer (s), to judge the candidates strong points and weak points. Any tests used during the interview The purpose of tests during the interview is so that Jaguar can find out additional knowledge about the applicant which they did not know before. It also gives Jaguar a indication on how fast the applicant can "think on their feet". As stated in the title, this is done during the interview Short listing Procedures The purpose of short listing is that Jaguar can identify those candidates who, on the basis of information available so far, best meet the relevant selection criteria for the post, and are therefore worthy of further consideration. Jaguar would do this, as soon as they receive the application form and judge candidates on that. Interview Questions The purpose of interview questions is to find out more information from the candidate which will help Jaguar decide whether or whether not the candidate is appropriate for the job. Some questions may be about the applicants responses on their application form and some questions are created before the interview. These questions will obviously asked by the interviewer(s) in the interview. Interview style The purpose of the interview style is to bring the best out of the candidate, this is done by creating a calm atmosphere, so that the candidate's confidence can rise, therefore not feeling nervous. This is done during the interview. Final Procedure Selection The purpose of the final procedure selection, is to ensure that the right person is chosen for the job, and make sure there are no doubts. This also gives Jaguar to change their mind if they feel it is necessary. This is done after the interviews are finished. ?? ?? ?? ?? Parag Mehta Unit 2 Task 5A 3118 ...read more.

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