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Production and Resource Requirements For a Cyber Café

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Production and resource requirements for a Cyber Caf� The features for Virtual World as a service are broken down below. For Virtual World I will initially require 8 computers and server, each with a copy of Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Office 2000. A copy of Lotus may also be an idea for users who are used to Lotus instead of Office. I will need network cabling and a pair of 8 port hubs to connect all of the computers together and to the Internet via a server unit, a dual ISDN (128K) line will need to be installed and set up for Internet access, unless ADSL becomes available because a single 56K line will be insufficient for customers to use. To ensure a quality service I will be using the latest version of Microsoft Windows, XP. ...read more.


I will be open 7 days a week, but open at 10am and close at 4pm on a Sunday. Opening time will be reviewed every 3months based on No. of customers in store at each hour of each day during the week. So if on a Wednesday afternoon after 6pm there are never any customers. I would review opening times for a Wednesday and close at 6pm on a Wednesday. This would save on overheads and increase profits. The �10000 set-up cost for the business is comprised of the following: 8 Computers at �800 per computer with Windows XP �6400 1 Server unit at �900 with Windows XP Pro �900 2 eight port hubs at �50 each �100 Benching for computers + fitting �350 Microsoft Office 2000 + 8 more licences �800 Cabling for network �100 Cooker, Fridge, ...read more.


I will mainly have to do most of the work setting up by my self, unless I can get family members or friends to give me a hand for free, as incurring yet more debt at this stage is not good for the business. Three Months set up should be sufficient if it's only me working, every other day if I keep a part time job on to pay for living expenses. So overall I aim to offer a top quality, friendly and helpful service on time for a launch date of September 2003, which I think is all achievable. All equipment installed on the premises will need to be safety/electrically checked so that customers aren't hurt during their time in Virtual World. All in all my research and cash flow forecasts all point to a modest but profitable business. ...read more.

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