Project Management - Members of the Building Team

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Members of the Building team

Managing Director

The managing director is usually the owner of the company. They are responsible for overall planning from the work load itself, the financial side of the business and profits to future contracts which are being tended for. The managing director will have to assess cash flows, financial managing workload, risk assessments.

Site manager

All site managers usually have a trade in the construction industry. A site manager can also be known as Building manager, Construction Manager or Site Agent. There job role is to assess operations which take place on a day to day basis. Site Managers have to make sure that work is done safely, in a correct manner and under the time schedule.

All work has to be in the correct standards and within budget. They can be in charge of more than one site, either part of a project or the whole site itself. This all depends on how big the project is some site managers have to report to a senior manager who will have to deal with several projects at one time. Site managers have to have a close interaction with architects, surveyors, planners, engineers and most importantly will keep the client up to date on the progression of the project. A site manager needs to be:

* Organised.

* Be good at making decisions and prepared for extra responsibilities.

* Good I.T. And people Skills.

* Have great knowledge in H&S and Building Regulations.

* Be able to manage and motivate workers on all levels.

* Prepare, check and monitor work, facilities and carefully planning.

* Being up to date with deliverers and being resourceful by making sure that materials are not wasted.

* Being about to sort out any issues that could affect the profession of work being carried out.

* Being able to pace threw deadlines and meeting them in a progressive manner.

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Many site managers when wanting to gain better development of their knowledge within the construction industry take an interest in gaining experience to become contract managers, directors and health and safety officers.


Construction planners usually work inside the building (offices on site). The planner has to report the progression and monitor resources of materials of the construction project to the managing director or contract team director/manager. Their main responsibilities are:

* Over seeing pre-contract tender programmes.

* Monitoring and evaluating the progression made.

* Scheduling materials delivery, labour and ...

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