Ameen Muflehi – Creative Product Promotion -Assignment 1 Unit 9 - 11/12/2008

Promotional Mix

For the first task of this assignment, I will be choosing two contrasting organizations and I will discuss 1 campaign/advert for each. I will then describe the promotional mix for these 2 campaigns/adverts.

My first organisation which I will be discussing about their campaign will be Gillette. Their commercial campaign that I will talk about will be Gillette Fusion Power. I will discuss the promotional mix used in this campaign.

This commercial campaign is about 3 of the world’s most recognized and outstanding athletes on the planet today. They each represent their own sports – Roger Federer (Tennis), Tiger Woods (Golf) and Thierry Henry (Football).

The product that is being advertised in this campaign is a shaving razor aimed specifically at men. This campaign comes in the form of 3 different types of advertising; these include TV adverts, billboards and the internet. It is trying to show that this razor brings the absolute best shaving performance for men. The main focus of this campaign is Performance. It shows the 3 best sports performers at the top of their game using this product. At the end of this campaign, it has a slogan saying ‘The Best a Man Can Get’ which means that this product is the ultimate product for men and brings total satisfaction.

Promotional Mix

‘Promotional Mix’ is the term used to describe a set of tools that an organisation uses to communicate effectively the benefits of its products to its customers. These tools include:

  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Sales promotions
  • Direct marketing
  • Personal selling

I will now describe the promotional mix used in this campaign.


This campaign is advertised on, billboards, and on the internet. Different types of advertising are aimed at different people. Advertising can reach a large and widely distributed audience. For example, this campaign is advertised on TV; therefore this campaign will be seen by a massive amount of people throughout the country. Also, billboard advertising maybe aimed at people who drive and when say for example you’re driving home from work, your eyes might be drawn to this billboard and therefore will notice this product.

Public relations

Public relations involve a sustained attempt to develop an organisation’s reputation as a business by using the media to help create the image they desire. It is a way for an organisation to keep the business in their customers’ eyes. They are many sorts of public relations, these can include: press releases, sponsors, corporate communications and exhibitions. Public relations are just one of the main tools that businesses use to attract customers.

Join now!

We can see that this organisation (Gillette) uses public relations in this particular campaign because it sponsors 3 outstanding sports characters to advertise their product. They pay these iconic individuals millions of pounds for people to see them using their product to make people purchase this product and in turn increase their sales. These kinds of commercial campaigns can influence people massively. Gillette has deliberately chosen these sportsmen to influence customers because when people see such influential people they are going to immediately want to purchase one of these products.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is the process ...

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