Purposes, Ownership and Stakeholders in Ramsey Bakery and the Isle of Man College.

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Task 1 P1

Describable two types of businesses, purposes and ownership of two contrasting businesses.

For this assignment we have to describe two contrasting businesses.

Ramsey bakery

Ramsey Bakery LTD is a Private company owned by Mr&Mrs Duncan, although the company delivers bread through out the island it is a small company that is based on only one side of the island and no other branches outside of Ramsey. Which means the Bakery is a profit making businesses . The Bakery provided bread all over the island, because the Bakery is the only Bakery that mass produces bread it has no real competition on island but because bread from outside the isle of man is also sold here the Bakery has to keep up with competitive prices. Also the Bakery is the Secondary sector because it manufactures bread and delivers it all over the island, and also the staff in the Bakery don't really get to interact with their customers and consumers because it's work is during unsociable hours which is quite hard for some of the employees and harder for some of the  newer employees that has never worked during the night before. The Businesses structure is quite flat because it is a small private business which means it is centralised and does not have much of a structure compared to the Isle of man college which is the business I will talk about next.

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Isle of man College.

The Isle of man College is a public businesses owned by the local tax payers but is operated and run by the government on behalf of the people. The isle of man college has no real competition on the Island which makes it the only college on the isle of man, the college has over 1000 full time students and more including the part-time students on the night courses and some part-time professional  courses in college and at the nunnery which carries most of ...

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