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Recruitment and Selection

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Recruitment and Selection Unit 15, Task 1 (P1) Introduction; In this assignment, I will produce a written report that will allow me to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of human resource techniques and practises in relation to recruitment and selection. Introduction to task 1; In this task I will look at East Berkshire College, identifying and describing the different stages in the process of planning recruitment and selection. Supply and demand; Supply and demand is when there is need for new employees to fill vacancies. The college may need to recruit new individuals, and this could be due to; more students coming to join the college on their preferred course, a member of staff retiring, or maybe a member of staff leaving for a job role in a different organisation. The college would have to make sure that they have enough members of staff to teach these students, and that the members of staff have the right skills for the subjects as the college has many different subject areas, such as; construction, business, hair and beauty, art and I.T. The college would also have to make sure that they look after their employees so they do not leave, they can do this by; offering them more money, giving them more holidays and also making sure that students are handing work in on time. Overall it is important for the college to advertise their jobs effectively, this way they will have the right skilled individuals applying for specific job roles. ...read more.


The college would have to make sure that they advertise effectively in order to attract the right skilled individual, as this would be costing them a lot of money. Job description; A job description describes the job and its features, below is an example of a job description; Job Title Credit Control Clerk Accountability Accounts Manager Location Main Office, Daresbury House, Lincs Brief Description To maintain and monitor 150 credit accounts Duties and Responsibilities 1. Cash Allocation on computerised system 2. Debt collection via telephone and standard letter 3. Liaison with debt collection agency 4. Some attendance at county courts 5. Attendance of local credit meetings 6. Maintaining credit limits 7. Processing credit applications including credit checks 8. Liaising with sales team Hours of work 37.5 hours per week (flexible overtime may be required) Rate of pay �10,500 P.A. Source:http://www.businessbureauuk.co.uk/personnel/recruitment/job_description.htm Employee specification; An employee specification describes the criteria and identification process for the applicant. Below is an example of an employee specification. CRITERIA HOW IDENTIFIED RANK Relevant Experience A minimum of six months' continuous experience of working in a clerical/administrative environment and using modern office equipment, gained within the last 10 years Application Form/Interview A calculations/handling money and maintaining numerical/financial records on computerised system Application Form/Interview A Relevant qualifications such as NVQ, RSA, GCSE Application Form/ Certificates/Test B Education and Training Attainments Experience of suitable training such as customer care/ cashiering/telephone techniques Application Form/Interview B A good standard of literacy to be able to compose and produce ...read more.


The process doesn't take very long; it is normally 2 people in the room interviewing the individual, the individuals that get short listed get chosen by who has the right skills, and who will be the best for the company, and who will be able to offer more. Complying with legislation; It is important that the college keep up to date with the legislation laws as they tend to change at times. The following are important, and will need to be applied; * Sex discrimination act 1975 and 1986 * Race relations act 1976 * Equal pay act 1970 * Disability discrimination act 1995 * Employment act 2002 It is important that the college apply all acts, by applying them they will be making the college a better place to work as it will be principled. For example; if an individual applied for a job, and they were disabled in some way, but they had the right skills and could offer a lot to the college, they would have to be employed. There are some disadvantages if these legislations are not applied at work, the college could get fined, and could face court. So overall, it is very important that they are used. References; It is important that the individual supplies the employer with references, these references could be; a tutor from college, a manager at work. By looking into this, you will be able to find out a lot about the individual, for example; time-management, attitude and behaviour, and whether or not they can be trusted. ...read more.

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