Recruitment process and documentation at West Cheshire College

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Recruitment process and documentation

Recruitment is the initial part of the human resources. The candidate for a specific job role needs to have all essential skills required in order to be successful. Recruitment department needs to make sure that they are getting right people for right position, they are monitoring staff constantly for any further developments and improvements as well as the department ensures that they are prepared to consider a better practice. The purpose of monitoring staff is to improve their performance and offer a training if it necessary.

There are two main dynamic documents used in West Cheshire College – job profile and person specification. In order to make sure that the organisation has right people for right positions, both documents needs to be clear and be completed in a correct way. Layout of these documents is really similar and both are generally accepted tasks but the most important document is job description.

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Job profile is a brief summary of the job, which explains what tasks are involved, what is the purpose of this job and what are the duties and responsibilities of this position.

Person specification is a statement of attributes required for a specific job role. These can be split into two sections - essential and desirable. Person specification describes what qualifications, skills, experience, and approach the candidate needs to have. If the candidate has all of the attributes, this person is considered to be strong candidate and has more chances to become successful within this job role.

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