RELATIONSHIP MARKETING - factors affecting customer satisfaction

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Relationship marketing has become a new domain of study within the services sector but is growing increasingly important. Firms from every industry are attempting to build closer, more collaborative relationships with clients to better understand their needs in order to provide greater value and hence a greater share of wallet from the customers spending

Development of relationship marketing


Clients say they need a Website. What they mean is they need to increase sales revenue. Developing the right kind of site to do that, but only understanding client’s basic need.


In the midst of a project, it is useful to be in touch with client several times a week. But it’s the time between projects that is crucial to relationship-building. Once the work is done, drop out of that enviable top-of-mind awareness position. Over time, client isn’t as likely to think of the organization as their first port of call for a solution to their problem. This is when the organization is most vulnerable to replacement by a competitor.


It’s such a simple concept, but keeping in touch often sinks to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. The single easiest way to keep in touch is to publish an email newsletter. Ask clients to subscribe and insert a subscription box on your site to capture email addresses of prospects who like the look of what you’re doing


Websites are hardly stand-alone entities that need an occasional tweak. For most businesses, they’re but only one tool amidst many that are used to build brand, in ease revenues or minimize costs. And by offering more advanced tools that help clients reach their goals, by become more valuable. Build affiliations or strategic relationships with copywriters, photographers, search engine marketers, and other specialists whose talents will benefit clients.


Purpose of Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing targets to satisfy the certain special customer and in doing so spreading the word through its satiated customers about how well the product operates. It helps people identify good after sales service and customer care with the product and increases trust, which people have in the company selling the product. Relationship marketing helps show the customer that the company cares for its existing customers just as much as the new customers and that satisfaction of the customers over the long run is of prime importance. Retention of existing customers is based on customer satisfaction. Thus relationship marketing aims to retain consumers through various means (such as customer care and after sales services) to ensure future trade with these preexisting consumers by delivering what they want.

Relationship Marketing in Morgan’s co

Successful relationship marketing requires consistent client outreach and exceptional customer service.

  • Instituting a one-day response time on all calls/emails
  • Sending similar articles, tools and resources to your clients
  • Asking clients for their personal feedback (and using it to improve)
  • Offering incentives for referrals
  • Distributing regular newsletters and company updates
  • Getting to know the client’s business so you can anticipate their needs
  • Handling dissatisfaction quickly and thoroughly


Keeping customers satisfied

Customers are the lifeblood of vita co, so it is crucial to maximize customer satisfaction. Some degree of customer turnover is inevitable, but successful beauty product marketers retain repeat customers. No matter what area of business’s involved, if vita beauty product co. doesn’t have customers than business will eventually fail. That’s why it is so important to present organization and its product in a way which will not only attract the demographic, but inspire them to come back again

1. Location

One of the most important things to making a success in vita co. is for customers coming back in the location! And it’s not just talking about the correct demographic area; also mean the exact location whether it’s on the right side of the street or by other store’s and so on.

2. Appearance.

First impression is a lasting impression. This is not just true in personal aspects but in business situations as well. Walking  into a department store that has great prices but garbage on the floor, a bad smell in the air and items thrown all over the shelves and on the floor, what are the chances that they will return just based on the low prices? Very slim to none unless the prices are almost 100 % discounted which is highly unlikely.

3. Prices.

This is obviously one of the more important aspects for vita co. While making a profit to stay afloat in the business world, vita co also needs to make sure they are still fairly competitive with other business of the same kind and maybe a little lower with more products to offer which will offset the lower prices. Nothing is more appealing then knowing to drive down the road a mile and to find the same product for two dollars cheaper. Now this can be accomplished many way’s with specials, sales, coupons, buy one get one at half off or free and so on. And as mentioned above, vita co. can have lower prices but offer more product and more brands which should offset the lower prices and still bring in the amount of revenue the company is looking for.

4. Knowledge of the product you are selling.

It is very crucial that all employees have complete knowledge in the product or services being offered in Vita co. There is nothing worse than when asking questions regarding a product or service and the worker has to call someone, run and get someone else from the back, tells the wrong information or asks to return on another day when someone with more knowledge will be there. Now there are certain extenuating circumstances such as employees going through training, but all too often in hopes of putting employees on their own quickly so there’s only one employee to pay a day, they are put on their own too early and don’t have full knowledge of what they are talking about. This will create room for people especially perfectionist’s and one’s in a hurry to leave and not want to return thinking that everyone just has poor knowledge of the business.

5. Friendliness.

All too often complaints are made by word of mouth stating that an employee at a certain business was short, rude, callous, or uptight while servicing a customer. This creates a huge problem for the business. Word of mouth travels extremely fast and it’s know that when heard something,  taking it to heart and usually staying clear of the business without even trying it out. While talking to customers, smiling, making suggestions but not overbearing at the same time.

6. Advertising.

It is extremely important to get vita’s beauty product advertised in all the right places. This can be accomplished in so many different ways, newspapers; magazines; internet; coupons; signs out of front; word of mouth and more. Choosing something like a coupon or a two day sale, this will get the customers rolling in the door specifically for the sale but then once they see all the products offered and the prices that are available every day and the excellent customer service that they will receive, it is almost a sure bet that everyone will be coming back over and over whether there is a sale or not.


Identifying perceived Quality Gap

Service Quality Gap of Henkel co. to determine and analyze gaps between expected and actual levels of service performance:

  • Gap 1 is the lack of understanding between customer expectation and management perception, i.e. the management does not know what the customers need and expect from their service.
  • Gap 2 is the lack of development between management perception and service quality specification. Here managers are aware of customer expectations but are not committed enough to utilize the knowledge of customer needs and expectations as the basis for defining and specifying service quality standards. This may occur due to ignorance, lack of vision, limited resources.
  • Gap 3 indicates the gap between service quality specifications and service delivery where the management understands the customers’ desired level of service and specifies an appropriate set of standards. However, service delivery may be of poor quality owing to poor employee performance due to insufficient training.
  • Gap 4 refers to the gap between service delivery and external communication which occurs due to pre-purchase promotional materials communicating unrealistic service levels which cannot be delivered in reality. Again it can stem from being poorly briefed about the service by the sales staff resulting in over promise and under delivery.
  • Gap 5 is the gap between expected service and perceived service.
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Effective Ways to Bridge Service Quality Gaps

Gap 1 can be closed by:

  • understanding customer expectations through research, complaint analysis, customer panels
  • increasing direct interactions between managers and customers to improve understanding
  • improving upward and downward internal communication

For closing Gap 2 it is imperative to establish the right service quality standards by:

  • communicating and reinforcing customer-oriented service standards
  • providing requisite training to the managers to enable them to lead employees to deliver quality service
  • rewarding managers and employees for attaining goals
  • measuring performance and providing regular feedback
  • establishing clear, realistic service quality goals
  • ensuring that employees ...

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