Kamran Latif


Application for registry assistant post at Halesowen College

Terms of reference:

This report is being written to the Human Resources Manager to support my application for the above stated job.


This report was compiled by analysing the job description for the above post. I have also analysed the skills which I have acquired in my current temporary post as well as from past jobs and college.


These are the skills that are stated that I feel should be filled and how I am a suitable candidate for the job. I have itemised them under headings shown.

Employability Skills

Inputting data onto the computer systems - I have done this in my job in an opticians I entered the daily and weekly figures for the sales of glasses and contact lenses.

Have good time management skills – This was proven when I had to use my time to liaise with customers and also when I had to do a required task by a set date, I also arrived to work on time and met any targets that were set.

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Qualifications – I have an English GCSE at a grade D and a Maths GCSE at a grade B.

Be discreet and respect confidentiality of information – This was a must have skill as I was handling patients personal data on a daily bases at the opticians.

Retrieval of information from computerised system – I had to retrieve information about the goods that were selling and that were not, I also had to get monthly profit sheets this was done on weekly and monthly basis, I have also retrieved work from my college work and copied it onto my memory ...

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