Report on BP

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Report on BP

BP is a TNC, this simply means it is a transnational corporation, a transnational corporation means that it operates in more than one country. BP is a global oil and gas company and bases it’s headquarters in London, it is the third largest energy company and the fourth largest company in the world. It specialises in every area of the oil and gas industry, including exploration, production, refining, distribution and marketing. It also work with renewable energy and other sources of energy other than gas and oil these include biofuels, hydrogen, solar and wind power.

BP doesn't just focus on oil production but other energy sources as well. BP has many different other brands that are controlled by BP these include; arco, ampm, aral, castrol and wild bean cafe.

ARCO joined BP in 2000, and it's name can be found on all BP owned petrol stations in Western America, ARCO is the leading marketer selling more than any other company in the region. Approximately 800,000 people stop by an ARCO station every day to fill up their vehicles.

Since the 1980s ARCO has also been known as a source of cleaner fuels, or blends of gasoline which give off less pollution by keeping the car and truck engines they pass through cleaner.

AMPM was a pioneer in fuel stations, it was one of the first types of petrol station that offers a food service as well. The very first AMPM opened in Southern California as a value add on to ARCo fuel stations. After thirty plus years AMPM has grown to over 1,100 different locations which include California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Georgia and Florida.

ARAL is one of the most trusted brands in Germany, the company has been associated with quality automotive fuels since the 1920s. Today people associate ARAL with good food and excellent service on the go. Every day more than 2.5 million customers visit an ARAL station to fill up on fuel or use the car wash. At ARAL fuel stations you can also find fast food retailers for example McDonalds and Burger King.

Castrol acquired the BP brand in 2002, Castrol motor oils for auto mobiles and motorbikes are particularly well known. Castrol is one of the world’s leading supplier of motor lubricants and is very well known within the motor sport industry for producing excellent products. Castrol and BP are linked and you can buy any castrol product from any of BP’s shops and brands. Castrol products are sold in over 150 countries which make it a world wide business.

Wild bean cafes offer good quality food and good quality coffee, you can find many wild bean cafe’s tucked into BP’s connect stations these on the go cafes offer inventive sandwiches, fresh baked goods and delicious fresh ground coffee. You can find wild bean cafe’s in Europe, Australia and South Africa, there are even new branches opening in China and Russia.

Facts and Figures

Sales and other operating revenues                $297,107 million (year 2010)

Replacement cost profit                                ($4,519) million (year2010)

Number of employees                                79,700 (at 31 December 2010)

Proved reserves                                        18,071 million barrels of oil equivalent.

Retail sites                                                22,100

Refineries (wholly or partly owned)                16

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Refinery output                                        2,426 thousand barrels per day.

BP Values What they stand for

Safety-Safety is a good business. Everything BP does relies upon the safety of the work force and the communities around. BP cares about the safe management of the environment. They are committed to delivering energy to the world safely.

Respect-BP respects the world in which they operate, this begins with the compliance with laws and regulations. BP holds themselves to the highest ethical standards and behave in ways which earn the trust of others. They care about the consequences of their decisions, large or ...

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