Roles and Responsibilities of people in Blockbusters

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Blockbuster an American-based chain of DVD, blue-ray and video game rental store. Blockbuster is a very popular which has spread over the countries of America and the globe rapidly.  The best rental providers and etc…. . In the following parts I will be talking to you about the roles and responsibilities about the manager, employees and other staff.

   Roles and responsibilities are hard tasks but it has to be followed right to get customers in and buy more and more of their products. The following shows how the store manager, the assistant manager and the customer sales representative, have showed their roles and responsibilities.

The store manager:

The quality the store manager should have is. To lead the Store Team through effective engagement, coaching and development to deliver great customer service and business performance.

Drive and manage the sales performance and profitability of the store.

This is listing few, very important tasks which the manager has to follow in order for the business to attain success. This basically involves the following, the store manager achieves 'sales focus' targets, achieving or exceeding revenue targets and ensure all promotional activity is planned and in place. The store manager also must ensure that product pricing and merchandising reflects the company standards. The manager must also manage and maintain all the store costs.

They will have to monitor financial controls to maximise the profitability of the store. This mainly involves financial controls in place - compensation, shrink, credits etc. Staffing levels are correct to manage staff costs and provide effective sales and service to customers. Including wages.

They will have to ensure the store team provides an excellent service to the customers. Ensure the team provide expert advice and guidance to the customers. E.g. if a customer is unsure of any of the online rental system the employee will guide them through this step by step. Also to ensure the team have up to date product knowledge and communicate current and future offers to all customers. This includes where the DVDs or gaming rental placements, any new blockbusters and etc.

Recruit, train and motivate a successful team.

This is simplified in tasks for which the store manager has to insure that the new recruited staff has to have. Recruit a team who are passionate about movies and games and enjoy selling to our customers. Train the store team, product knowledge and selling skills to achieve targets. Coaches the store team to improve individual and team performance. E.g. the store manager tells and encourages the new staff to be fully open. Letting the consumer know about any unsure product which they are not entirely sure of.  Delegate to ensure each team member has clear objectives for each shift. Create an environment that motivates the team through incentives, target setting and competitions. So they are fit for this task, this job. If they are not ready for this that means the store is not survival for the fittest.

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Manage and maintain the store operating standards

The store appearance and cleanliness is to company standards. Store team’s appearance in line with uniform policy. Maintains all legal requirements such as Video Recordings Act, Data Protection and Health & Safety. E.g. nothing pirated, if that’s the case no one will buy their product. The business will be held up in the court.  All displays and merchandising are maintained to Company standards. Ensure the store stock rotation and control procedures are maintained. This means that the stock is always filled up never empty. Encase a customer wanting the same thing and ...

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