Roles and Responsibilities of Staff Members at McDonalds.

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Part A: Investigating a local business.

Task 1 – Choosing a business.

The business chosen to investigate is McDonalds, McDonalds is the worlds largest fast food chain with over 58 million customers using the restaurants daily. It has 1231 restaurants in the UK alone which is a total of roughly 48,000 employees in the UK and 1.5 million employees worldwide. McDonalds can be found in 119 countries around the world with more than 31,000 restaurants worldwide.

Although it is criticised for being very unhealthy it has tried to change that by adding fruit and vegetables onto the kids menu to encourage children to eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day. McDonalds offers a quick and easy service, there are varieties of ways to order either order at counter and/or then get it delivered to your car, drive through, eat in or take away. At McDonald’s restaurants there are lots of facilities along side the food including: toilets, phones and information leaflets.

McDonalds has so many customers going to their restaurants everyday because the food is of a cheap price and so is easy for anyone of any income to buy, it is also easy to eat as it does not need any cutlery or plates. It is fast to buy and then to eat as it is intended to be. Another thing is that McDonalds is such a large business that it can afford to have lots of franchises, this means that there is always a McDonalds around when anyone is feeling hungry, this includes city centres, travel stops, stations and many more locations.

Task 2 – Roles and responsibilities.

  1. Describe in full details the roles and responsibilities of a manager in your chosen business.

It is the responsibility of the manager to make sure that the staff members are doing their work to the best of their abilities, this means motivating them to achieve goals such as meeting a certain number of customer sales within a time period and then being awarded with stars for their hard work. Other rewards can be paid holiday and pay raises; however these can only be awarded to employees that have been working for McDonalds for more than a certain length of time. It is the role of the manager to carry out 4 different types of activities, these being under headings of; planning, organising, motivating and controlling, these can be applied to any staff under the manager themselves, these being called subordinates.

These are the general areas of responsibility for the manager:

  • Carrying out the instructions of higher authority (directors of the business.).
  • Allocating work to the other members of staff in the restaurant (franchise).
  • Taking action to ensure that the franchises targets are met, this can be done through motivation.
  • Solving the day to day problems that arise within the franchise by making decisions and taking control.
  •  Managing people – getting the most out of the members of the franchise, this can also be done by motivation and rewards.
  • Managing finance – keeping watch over the money the franchise spends, so they still are making enough profit for wages and not overspending on things they do not need.

  1. Describe in full details the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor in your chosen business.

The supervisor is the member of staff between the manager and the crew members; they do have some lower management authority.  Responsibilities of the supervisor are as follows;

  • Controlling the day to day work of operational and support staff, these being the supervisors equal and lower employees.
  • Decision making in respect of issues that may arise on a day to day basis.
  • Monitoring the work that the staff members do to ensure targets of the franchise are being met, these can be ensured with the use of motivation and rewards for good work.
  • Advising management of any problems that arise in the franchise that need to be resolved.
  • Taking corrective action to get back on target if there are any shortcomings, for example if a crew member has a bad week at performing they can prove they are still able of making targets by having a few really well performed weeks.  

Other supervisor responsibilities include responsibility of the restaurant staff (this can be a total of between 25 and 65). This includes interviewing, hiring the staff chosen and then training the employees; planning, assigning and directing what work to do. Then appraising performance given by the staff, rewarding and disciplining employees for the work they have done or have not done, also addressing complaints and resolving problems that may be occurring in the franchise either between the staff or to do with the work itself. All these responsibilities are close to those of the manager and so should be completed in a manger like way, being responsible and someone the subordinates can look up to.

  1. Describe in full details the roles and responsibilities of a crew member in your chosen business. It is the job of the crew member to serve customers with a 100% total customer satisfaction. This showing the restaurants capabilities of the highest of quality to make their experience of eating at a McDonald’s restaurant enjoyable and satisfying so that they will go again. Crew members should always make sure that they are accurate with the products given to the customer to keep the satisfactory levels at a high and constant level.

The crew member, who reports and works under and takes direction from the general manager, the direction given from the managers are all to maintain the high levels of quality of service given to the customers, cleanliness and maintaining the goal of McDonalds having a 100% total customer satisfaction rate.

Some of the typical duties and responsibilities that the crew member completes include;

  • Customer service – to complete total satisfaction from customers the crew members must provide a friendly, courteous and helpful behaviour which is sensitive to customers, they also must be timely and accurate on the order when on counter service whilst delivering a consistently high quality product. Whilst on counter service the crew members will use cash registers and various drink dispensers. A crew member must also be confident in approaching and dealing with diverse groups of people.
  • Food preparation – a crew member must be able to prepare and cook all menu items in line with demand whilst keeping to a high standard using a variety of equipment and tools in a busy and fast kitchen environment. Also the ability to understand and act upon McDonalds methods of high quality control for their products. The crew member must also be able to move various stock items of which some can be heavy from the main stock areas to the kitchen for preparation.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene – to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene which exceeds the standards set by law and fulfil the standards expected from McDonalds customers. For this to be achieved the crew member must have the skills to be able to use a variety of cleaning utensils and equipment and a range of chemical cleaning products including cleaning fluids, mops and cloths. Be able to wear the correct protective clothing without instruction and use equipment that is provided such as stepladders. A crew member must also have a full understanding of hygiene requirements set and have commitment to the responsibilities set by the crew member’s higher authority.    

The following documents were made and are used specifically by McDonalds; here is a description of what they are, why there used and who uses them.

Area/shift manager performance review. 

This documentation is used and filled out by the manager of a McDonald’s branch, it judges the employees, crew member to be specific, on how well they do on different areas of their jobs; these include teamwork, speed, accuracy, customer engagement and personal interaction

Crew member performance review guidelines.

Teamwork: works co-operatively and collaboratively with others and acts in ways that will support the overall success of the McDonald’s team.

Speed: productively works quickly and continuously during the shift, works hard while on shift.

Accuracy: ensures work is right first time, attends the critical details.

Customer engagement: understands the needs and perspectives of the customer, shows no hesitation in taking actions to serve them better.

Personal interaction: demonstrates enthusiasm and friendliness in conversation, communicates clearly in conversation, uses eye contact and smiles.

These different areas are marked on being outstanding, excellent, good, needs improvement and unsatisfactory.

The whole of this document is filled out over two pages; the first page is under the title (area/shift manager performance review) personal attributes, and has different areas that are marked out of 5 with any comments that need to be made to make improvements. The areas are; work standards and initiative, customer focus, teamwork and communication, personal standards and approach to work, training and development, and planning and organising.

Work standards and initiative: sets high standards or QS&C (quality, service and cleanliness) without direction, maintaining a high productivity level delivering outstanding QS&C.

Customer focus: attempts to exceed customer expectations by delivering outstanding QS&C, anticipating their needs and thinking like a customer.

Teamwork and communication: works and communicates effectively using the suitable styles and methods to encourage others to deliver on QS&C.

Personal standards and approach to work: consistently creates a positive impression, gaining attention and respect, leads by example at every opportunity.

Training and development: acts as a mentor, training individuals to deliver high levels of QS&C to every customer with confidence.

Planning and organising: develops and communicates a shift plan to exceed customer satisfaction by co-ordinating people, product and equipment.

The next section is operational rating, the employee is marked on this for their objectives for ‘how was this measured?’, ‘result/outcome’ and then the ratings.

The employee is marked out of 5 on QSC (quality service cleanliness), people, sales/profit and personal development. This can tell the higher employee/manager how well they are working and how they can improve.

For the section Crew members probationary review, this marks them on their overall working standard, they are then commented on by the manager, training that should be done are checked that they are up-to-date and completed, the crew member then makes comments and inputs their feedback about the report.

All these documents are very useful as they tell both the manager and the employee (crew member) how well they are working, improvements and objectives to improve their performance.

The second lot of documentation is reviewing how well a crew member does as certain jobs; these being fries and dining area.

Fries: the observation checklist makes sure that the crew member is,

  • Ready to start work
  • Produces hot, fresh, quality fries
  • Meets all other procedural standards, and demonstrates teamwork

Also reviewing their strengths, opportunities for development.

Dining area: this observation checklist makes sure that the crew member is,

  • Ready to start work
  • Maintains high levels of cleanliness and care for our customers
  • Meets all other procedural standards, and demonstrates teamwork

This document also reviews the crew member’s strengths and opportunities for development.

Both these documents are important because they check not just that the crew member is working correctly but that the restaurant as a whole is being kept clean, providing a good service and providing good quality food.  

Task 3 – Qualities.

Describe in full details the qualities which each of the above people should have.

Manager: Qualities a manager needs are things such as being able to take control of a team as team leader, be able to do tasks well so that they can show their employees how to complete tasks efficiently. Another quality is being able to make the right choices quickly; this is useful when there is an emergency decision that needs to be made. Another quality is being able to choose between candidates for who would best suit the position, this need’s to be the right choice as they would be working under the manager. A manager needs belief and understanding in motivation and be able to motivate the employees to want to work hard.

A manager should have controlling skills on their under employees, understand how the system works and be able to plan schedules of which employees do what jobs, also the manager should be able to plan what stock they need from history of what has been sold the most and so what they need more of for the coming week. As well as the planning the manager needs to be able to organise their staff correctly so that they can work together as a team to get the work done.

Planning: A plan is a design for achieving something. Strategic plans – planning for the long time – are usually made at higher levels of management. Tactical plans, such as setting budgets or planning a marketing campaign, have more of a short-term focus and are made at lower levels in the business, such as middle management or supervisor levels.

Organising: In implementing plans, managers need to decide on the activities that need to be undertaken and allocate responsibilities to their staff. This involves allocating staff and resources in order to carry out tasks and achieve the objectives.  

Motivating: In order to achieve the goals and objectives of the business, managers have to gain the commitment and co-operation of employees. Managers need to demonstrate leadership to ensure that employees work towards the business’s objectives.

Controlling: Managers have to evaluate the effectiveness of work undertaken by employees for whom they are responsible. This requires monitoring performance against required standards and taking corrective action where improvements need to be made.

Supervisor: A supervisors skills are that they should be able to solve practical problems by using common sense and problem solving skills, also a supervisor must be able to deal with all sorts of situations that may arise in the workplace such as issues between staff and problems about stock or customers. Another thing a supervisor should be able to do is interpret a variety of instructions that is set out in different forms such as written, oral, diagram or even in schedule form.

Employee: Qualities a crew member should have are enthusiasm, be keen to work and do tasks, always be punctual to work and uniform is complete and smart. As a crew member is always talking to customers at the counter they should have people skills and find it easy to talk to people they have never met before in a confident and polite manor. A crew member should also be understandable of any decisions that a member of staff above them takes, even when it means their position is unstable.

Other qualities that a crew member should have is to always be keen and energetic to do work, also be able to stay calm under pressure and complete tasks in a set amount of time. Have teamwork skills and enjoy working as part of a team to complete and meet set goals set by the business and the franchise. Having people skills is very important as working with customers constantly throughout the day it would make the customers visit more enjoyable.

Task 4 – Training and development opportunities.

  1. Describe in full details the training and development opportunities which are available in your chosen business for each of the above people.

Manager: training opportunities that are given to managers are full first aid courses not just the first response first aid course given to the majority of employees, also food health and hygiene courses to make sure that the example given to the other employees are correct (crew members would follow the managers lead as they are the top employee and know what it correct from what is incorrect). Another training and development opportunity that would be given to the manager is a management course which can advise them how to make themselves a good manager and leader; this will also teach them how to gain the respect of the other employees and how to work around problems and issues with respect, consideration and understanding.

Supervisor: as well as the manager the supervisor would also take a course on how to make themselves a better supervisor; this is useful for when the manager is away but also when the manager is at the franchise. Also the supervisor would do both the first aid trainings because if the manager is not around when an accident takes place and first aid assistance is needed then the supervisors training of first aid can be of large use.

Employee: the training that an employee or crew member would do would be the basic first response first aid qualification, this means that they can deal with minor accidents or injuries until help arrives at the scene. Other training that a crew member may do is courses on how to work better as a team, this will help the franchise and overall and the business to achieve their set goals.

  1. Provide realistic and detailed examples of methods of motivation which are used by your business to retain staff.

Motivation methods include financial and non-financial incentives, appraisal reviews and many more methods. McDonalds are motivating their staff by offering good rewards if their job is done well. Rewards include things such as McCredits, McDonalds give out McCredits to good quality employees, these are like vouchers, and they can be used to buy any gift from a special catalogue. These gifts can range from anything starting with a key ring worth quite little to a washing machine worth quite a lot. Another reward that McDonalds offers for good work is paid holiday for up to two months, however this is only offered to employees who have been working for McDonalds for ten years or more. As well as this £60 worth of McCredits are given to employees who have been working for McDonalds for years between three and five, these are called long service rewards. Some other rewards McDonalds gives to their employees for good service are a pay review twice a year and the possibility of a percentage salary increase.

It is not just rewards that McDonalds gives to its staff, if the employee has been working for the business for three years or more they can be put on medical cover and life insurance schemes and if they are of higher employee roles from second assistant manager roles and above they can be on the pension scheme for McDonalds.

McDonalds other motivational things are those such as working for a successful business like McDonalds which takes in £50,000 per week on average and £2.8 million a year which is increasing. This is motivational because employees want to work hard to ensure that these aimed targets are met, if they are met there is the higher chance that the employees will receive bonuses or a pay increase. Another motivational point that McDonalds does is when an employee is new they are given tasks to complete which are then tested to see if they are good enough for McDonalds. If the employee gets a 90% or more pass mark then they can achieve a star, once an employee has five stars, which takes approximately a month to achieve per star, they can move up in the hierarchy of jobs in the McDonalds restaurant they are working in. McDonalds also offers its employees to be flexible on hours, they do this by offering the sharing shifts scheme; if another member of the employee’s family works for McDonalds in the same franchise then the sibling or other family member can take the employees shift without giving any previous notice. This is motivational as it is a very good reason for the staff to work there as they have the choice completely of when they want to work, this means they can work around their lives away from McDonalds, such as being a student, having another job, caring for someone or anything else.

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Task 5 – PEST:

  1. Explain clearly the impact of PEST factors prior to recruitment taking place.

P: political E: economical S: social T: technological.

Political Factors:

By law every business has to pay above the minimum wage for each sex, the minimum wage however differs quite a bit between how much females and males get paid. The female minimum wage is £20,500 per year, whereas the male is £26,000 per year. As well as minimum wage laws there are also health and safety laws, these make sure that the business is clean and safe enough ...

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