Roles and Responsibilities

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Store Manager

Roles & Responsibilities

The store manager at McDonald’s is mainly responsible for three main things human resources, business operations and product management.

Human resources;

The store manager is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and developing his employees in order to achieve the aims and objectives. The management of their performances is also essential, in order to recognize the store’s status. This will help the manager observe his teams’ progression. Also the payrolls, health & safety and scheduling workplace at the local McDonald’s are also the responsibilities of the store manager. He has to organize them and structure the work in order to make things easier for the staff to follow orders.        He also spreads the working hours equally between the staff and balancing things out fairly.

Business operations;

These are daily jobs of a manager at any store. The store manager of McDonalds for instance would be reviewing profit and loss accounts to see if they’re making any financial progress and what they’re next step could be in order to achieve/expand their aims and objectives. Facility management is also his responsibility, making sure that the right equipment is provided and that they will last for a long period of time.

Health and Safety, the store manager makes sure that the work place is safe enough to work by informing the staff with some of the business policies and providing them kit that will avoid any damages to them. He also has to check the health conditions of his employees, any unanimous health concerns etc. (this is usually established at the interviews)

Product management;

This stage product management involves providing the customers the right quality of their product/food. This is where the responsibility of the store manager becomes important; he has to check it daily and he has to make sure that the customers are getting what they have asked for. For example if they wanted a doughnut and they have run out, he has to make sure that it is back in stock at least the next day.  

The ‘Gap Buster Scheme’: this is where an anonymous observer comes twice a month and observes the quality of the food and service, whether it meets the customers’ requirements. Therefore it the store manager’s responsibility to make sure things don’t go wrong and when they do to be under control and efficient. Because they also get observed on how they deal with problems. After the observation they receive feedback from the observer, and it is the manager’s job to take those feedbacks and make any improvements/alterations in order to enhance and become better. A good feedback from the Gap Buster Scheme usually leads to bonuses for the staff and managers.


He has explained to us that he has a motivating character and that he is only satisfied with being number one and nothing less. However, he has admitted that he does receive bonuses for achieving certain objectives and that he is sometimes driven by the money. He also stated that you receive a company car courtesy by the business, this is to keep the employers happy and making sure they stay. A basic pay for a store manager at McDonald’s is 25.000 and a car, if the car is not preferred they get more pay.

Despite all the luxurious rewards he is receiving from the business, he explained that he is more privileged to see the staff that he has trained develop and become a manager of a store or floor as well.

I would say that this store manager is definitely influenced by Herzberg’s theory of motivation. The fact that he is motivated by his personal achievements and has a sense of personal growth; ultimately he is influenced by the Herzberg’s motivation theory.


The qualities that are expected from a store a manager at McDonald’s are usually basic. The have to be inspiring, motivated, approachable, coaching skills and energetic. The restaurant is a non stop running service and therefore the manager would have to be able to combine their energy with their ideas and become flexible in doing so, also commitment to the job is important. The extras are having the talent for getting the most out of the day by delegating and organizing themselves and others around the store in order to become a great success to the business.

Training & Development

At McDonald’s they have training that will benefit the managers for example they offer courses to the applicants.  For the first 18 weeks, they will build foundations for their entire career. Amongst other things, they will discover how to prepare food, master the equipment, develop their serving ability and learn how to motivate a team. When you done well enough they will graduate to 2nd assistant manager and receive more training and experience from other managers, helping them gain more information on how to run a store of their own.

As well as attending training courses, they will be asked to do some self-study and complete computer-based training programs, these will help them build knowledge about people development, cash control etc. once they have succeeded the program they will then move up to 1st assistant manager where they are able to run a store of their own.

There is a session where all the managers have to attend to it’s called the Nuts and Balls Integrations Teams ‘NABIT’. This is where they get informed about new products, new rules and new promotions; it is their responsibility to pass that information on to their staff back at their stores.

Shift Manager

Roles & Responsibilities

The responsibility of the shift manager is to operate the Quality Service Cleanliness & Value principles to the rest of the staff. The principles help the store to meet the requirements of the customers and therefore it is the shift manager’s job to explain them to the staff. He is also in charge of the shifts and giving the shifts to the employees, making sure that they have expertise in charge of each equipment. He also needs to rotate his crewmembers in order for them to experience each department; therefore they wouldn’t have to rely on an individual. He’s responsible for training the employees as well, McDonald’s use the ‘buddy system’, this system helps the employee understand how to use certain things by following orders from an experienced employee, hence the word ‘buddy’. It’s his responsibility to put untrained workers on a buddy system.

The shift manager is expected to handle the floor properly and spread the work within teams, giving the team leaders the orders on how/what to operate in the store. You could say that the shift manager is the right-hand man of the store manager because he is passing on a lot of delegation.


The shift manager on our visit explained that he is mainly motivated by the fact that he is able to progress to become a 2nd assistant manager. You could say promotion is his essential motivating factor and McDonald’s therefore have training programmes in order to meet those needs. However, he has stated that money also plays a huge part in his motivation factors. He claims that bonuses, payroll increase etc motivates him as an individual. The shift manager at the McDonald’s has a lot of different motivating factors and one of them was money, which related back to the motivation theory of Taylor who suggested that money drives people working in a firm. However, he also claimed that he always looks forward to move up a position and enhance new skills and knowledge, which also could be related to theory of Maslow, who suggested the Hierarchy, meeting the needs of the employees by stages.


As a shift manager, you would be expected to have certain amount of qualities including, flexibility, cooperative, experience, sympathetic, motivated, enthusiastic, optimistic, consistent and a sense of hospitality. These are very important qualities to have to gain the position at the store.

The important one is to be able to give commands to teams and being able to meet daily objectives and communicating with each team. Spreading out the stronger characters with the weaker ones and balancing the strengths of the teams. According to crewmembers I have caught up with, stated that they usually spread their workers and each team would have an experienced worker and some new workers.

Training and Development

The shift manager has training and it’s both on and off the job training. He follows a course provided by McDonald’s in order to enhance new skills and knowledge on how to run a business by their own. This will help them move up and open up a store of their own if success shows. They receive computer-based programs of training to take home and do some self-study; at the same time they receive training on the job where they get to experience some of the managerial work with other experienced managers.

Crew Member

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of a crew member at McDonald’s are pretty simple and there isn’t any complexity. They’re responsible for providing food and service at a top quality and meeting the customers’ requirement. They also might be put into different sections on their job because there many areas that different crew members work at. For example you have the kitchen, tilt, fridge, security, floor, walkthrough and Quality, service and Cleanliness (QSC) sections at the restaurants. Each of those sections has their own policies and it’s their responsibility to follow those strategies and perform towards the aims and objectives of the business.


They get motivated by money, vouchers, discounts, parties and many other things that the McDonald’s restaurant offers to their crewmembers. The crewmembers receive a booklet of vouchers for many different brand stores, they offer 17% discount for Apple products and 20% discount for the British School of Motoring. The crew members receive a discount card and they can get discounts on holidays, CDs and concert tickets etc. in spite of all of those rewards they also do Employee of the Year awards, in which the employee can win a holiday with sun, sea and sand. One of the crew members also explained to us that despite the financial discounts they receive, they also feel that the atmosphere of working in teams has also motivated them to work efficiently. You could relate these motivational factors to the theories of Herzberg and Mayo. As Herzberg suggested that workers are motivated by their sense of achievements and receiving bonuses or discounts. And Mayo suggested that workers are motivated by working in a team and spreading the work equally in both time and effort.


It is important for the crewmembers to have common sense, to be flexible, willingness to work hard, willingness to rotate shifts if need be, punctual, enthusiastic and active. However, most of their workers might be on a full time course in education and therefore would need to combine the two, so it is important that one of their qualities is organized. They would also need to be able to work under pressure, calm and optimistic; even if the customer is giving them a hard job.

Training and Development

They have a training method which they call the ‘buddy system’ this is when the trainee is partnered with a trainer, who trains them and helps them get on with the job. The basically sit next to their ‘buddy’ and watch how it’s done. The also offer their crew members a course which is called the Floor Manager Development Program; this involves a teaching on how to manage a restaurant floor by yourself.

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The training and development stage really encourages the crew members to stay at the job and not move on, because it helps them progress on to the next stage of the job. McDonald’s help their crew members develop into more responsible and organized individuals. They have also stated that half of their executive team all started of on the restaurant floor.

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