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Rolls Royce

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Rolls Royce Rolls Royce is a public Limited Company. To become a public limited company. It is required a Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and Statutory Declaration. When Rolls Royce got a certificate of Incorporation, they began to publish a prospectus. That means, they can issue shares for inventors to buy and raise capital from the market. Advantage: PLC raises a large amount of capital to expanse its business or diverse business. . In case one of the industrial declined, other industrials can cover the loss. So that it can reduce risks. They can raise funds from many ways. For example: issue shares, debentures etc. They raise the capital more easily and the interest rate would be much low. They employ expertise and specialist to manage its business and develop new products. The companies come response the market efficiently. And they design appropriate products for potential customers. It generates profits for the company. ...read more.


Therefore, they set themselves objectives to make sure the right way they are operating. Producing High Quality Products Rolls Royce focused on engine design for using in the air, at sea and on land. They try to minimize no just only the cost of production, but provide the best overall value to their clients. Rolls Royce is designing a new type of engine called "Trent 900", both suitable for civil and defence plane. The engine is stable and saves 30% of petrol. It is 50% cheaper than other engines. It is going to start of flight-testing is October 2004. They anticipate the Trent 900 will enter service in spring 2006. The customer will enjoy the high quality but latest low cost engine. Rolls-Royce expanse high technology products for its near, medium and long term needs. It is as know as 'Vision' technology and they ensure that Rolls-Royce products and services will continue to meet customer needs over the next two decades and beyond. ...read more.


In addition, Rolls Royce opens its industry for different communities to visit every year. Also they are offering children the chance to learn more about the plane industry by offering to attend the air show for free. It is to arouse their interest and encourage them to learn science. Making profit "Rolls-Royce objectives and offer long-term security of revenue." The group's priority is to increase the margins is regularly. In 2003, the rapid growth military engines demand which is very profitable and win a significant engine and service contact. They expect there will be continued 10 percent growth in the business in 2004. Gross margin increased from 16.3 per cent to 17.3 per cent as the substantial increase demand in engines. They would reserve part of the profit to do research and develop its products. For motivate the employees, they increase the training and rewards to its employees. They expect 10 growth in the profit in 2004. ?? ?? ?? ?? Task1 Chong Lai Kang (Ken) ...read more.

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