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Sainsbury's is located near Ealing Road, in Alperton. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to Sainsbury's Location. The advantages are that Sainsbury's

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SECTION B) DESCRIBE THE LOCATION OF YOUR PLC AND THE REASONS FOR ITS LOCATION. USE LABELED MAPS, PHOTOGRAPHS AND PICTURES. The success or failure of a business can often depend on its location. The right Location will increase the chances of a business succeeding. The wrong location will increase the chance of a business failing. A good business can be in a very good location but something outside the owner's control can happen and affect the business. ...read more.


All these factors help Sainsbury's get more customers, because it is the only Major supermarket in the area means that there is little if not any competition in the area. There are good road links, which means that it will be easy for people who come by car, there is also a large area to park your car, if you use one. There is a bus stop near by which means that people who use the bus could easily come and go from Sainsbury's easily. ...read more.


The disadvantages are the fact that the local Newsagents might be selling products like milk and bread cheaper then Sainsbury's. This could attract some of Sainsbury's customers to the local Newsagents and away from Sainsbury's. There is a lot of land near Sainsbury's, so another Major supermarket might decide to set up a branch there and start competition with Sainsbury's. Near Sainsbury's there are also a few minor specialised supermarkets (e.g. Lu Fung, they are specialised in Oriental Products) and some might decide to buy products from them and not Sainsbury's because they are specialised in that field. ?? ?? ?? ?? Asim Macci Business Location 10R ...read more.

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