Skills and Knowledge Needed to Work In A Business Environment

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Victor Stephenson-Henshaw                Unit CU678

EDI Level 2 Certificate In Principles Of Business And Administration

Unit CU678 – Work In A Business Environment

Victor Stephenson-Henshaw

Assessor – Rob Allen

Understand How To Respect Other People At Work

1,1        Describe What Is Meant By Diversity And Why It Should Be Valued

Diversity can be differences in race, belief systems, physical appearance, mental capabilities, etc. It is also a variety of something such as opinion, colour, or style. Diversity should be respected and valued because not everyone is completely the same even in the example categories; they are not the same as everyone else. Some people like to eliminate what is dissimilar. Our opinions can lead to environmental problems such as violence and hatred because of diversity being a key ingredient to a good and safe environment. Everyone in the workplace is treated equally. Every individual has a unique something to offer and this can help the company. Diversity should be valued because without diversity, the company or the people at the work environment wouldn’t have knowledge on other cultures this can be helpful to the company as it opens the company or people to experience a different perspective other than the usual culture. Diversity should be valued because in case a unlawful discrimination may cost the company if someone sued the company for discrimination.

1,2        Describe How To Treat Other People In A Way That Is Sensitive To Their Needs

The way to treat other people is to treat every person the way that you would want them to treat yourself. Observe each individual that you encounter, and analyse what needs they may have and then try to meet those needs either by asking them or just observing. Ask them if they are comfortable, and ask what else you can do for them to make them more comfortable, this creates a great customer service as well a good impression on yourself. Being empathetic and relating to the way they feel about certain issues can help find out what the sensitive needs could be. One example of the needs could be an elderly customer that has hard hearing; the person who encounters this person would need to speak louder and slower because the person would need time to process the information that has just been said.

1,3        Describe How To Treat Other People In A Way That Respects Their Abilities, Background, Values, Customs And Beliefs

The way to treat other people is to always remember that everyone has different ways of doing things, and that most of the time there is not just one right way for anything, most people like to do things the way they suit it or the way they are good at. People like explaining their own culture and beliefs’, so asking them to tell you about their life is usually a good way to start a conversation this shows that you respect the background the person is from and you are aware of his abilities. The person should consider and shows respect for the opinion, circumstances and feelings of colleagues and members of the public, no matter what their race, religion, position, background, circumstances, status or appearance.  The main point is to understand other people’s views and takes them into account. It is also sensitive and diplomatic when dealing with people, treating them with dignity and respect at all times. Always try to understand and be sensitive to social, cultural and racial differences.

A good way to show respect is to see issues from other people’s viewpoints, not only yours. This helps with understanding the person. Be polite, tolerant and patient when dealing with people some people have their own pace for dealing with issues or understanding the circumstances, treating them with respect and dignity, make people feel valued by listening to and supporting their needs and interests. The person should use language in an appropriate way and is sensitive to the way it may affect people, this can help with understanding as well as respect their beliefs or abilities.

The person should acknowledge and respect a broad range of social and cultural customs and beliefs, understand what offends others and to stop this offending the person should adapt their own actions accordingly, should respect confidentiality wherever appropriate, to deliver difficult messages and to challenge attitudes and behaviour which are abusive, aggressive and discriminatory all these help to respect other peoples abilities and backgrounds.

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The ways that disrespect other people’s abilities, backgrounds are things like; people do not consider other people’s feelings so they are selfish, they don’t encourage people to talk about personal issues this makes the person not reveal information about them so they don’t feel comfortable, they could criticises people without considering their feelings and motivation, they could make situations worse with inappropriate remarks, language or behaviour, the person Doesn’t respect confidentiality, the person could use humour inappropriately and they could show bias and prejudice when dealing with people there is a lot of ways these are just some of the ...

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