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Business Studies

Task 3

In this task I am going to talk about strategic planning. Strategic planning is basically the businesses aims and objectives. Strategic planning is an 's process of defining its , aims and objectives, direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and people. Various business analysis techniques can be used in strategic planning, including SWOT analysis.

Strategic planning is a process that businesses do to try to drive and improved future results in the business by influencing the outside world or adapting current processes, decisions and programs so as to have more favorable outcomes in the external environment.

Strategic Planning

Tescos is a UK based international grocery and general merchandising retail chain. Their HQ is located in Cheshunt, England UK.  Tescos originally specializing in food, it has  into areas such as discount , , consumer . Tescos currently have 273,024 employees which are on the rise because of the increases of new stores and also a large increase in profits. Strategic planners at Tescos try to determines where the organization is going over the next year or more, how it's going to get there and how it'll know if it got there or not. Strategic planners at Tescos focus of a strategic plan is usually on the entire organization, while the focus of a business plan is usually on a particular product, service or program.

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The NHS has employed about 980,000 full-time workers .The  came into effect on 5 July 1948; subsequently it has become an integral part of British society, culture and everyday life. The costs of running the NHS (est. £104 billion in 2007-8) are met directly from general taxation from the government. Srtegic planners and the NHS determines where the organization is going over the next year or more and how it's going to get there. Typically, the process is organization-wide, or focused on a major function such as a division, department or other major function

Strategic planning is a very ...

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