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AS and A Level: Structures, Objectives & External Influences

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  1. Comparison of stakeholders interest and influence. Apple vs. Mercedes Benz

    Suppliers The suppliers have an interest in Apple Inc. because if Apple sells more products, then more materials must be ordered to produce that product. By ordering more stock, suppliers gain more money. Suppliers affect the business by offering discounts on orders or giving other benefits if the business is succeeding and ordering in high amounts. Owners The owners and directors of Apple Inc. have the highest interest in the business, as it is their own and directly provides a budget for them.

    • Word count: 5082
  2. Investigating Business. Tesco PLC. I will be describing the aims and objectives of this business and the external environmental factors

    In May 2011, Tesco?s had launched their four-part vision to determine the future of the business, Tesco has four Aims and they are: 1. To be the most highly valued business in the world 2. remain a growth company 3. be a modern and innovative company 4. and win locally by applying our skills globally To be the most highly valued business in the world ________________ Their first aim ?to be the most highly valued business in the world? basically means they want to be a very valued business everywhere in the world including in communities.

    • Word count: 20635
  3. Political, legal and social factors impact on businesses The two businesses I will compare will be Tesco and Easy Jet.

    The trends towards globalization and signing of GATT in 1993 have posed new challenges before Indian business. Another political factor affecting businesses are taxation levels during tax rises businesses will have to pay higher amount of tax therefore taking a cut out of profits however the government gain revenue this is vice versa when taxes decrease. Another political factor affecting businesses will be direct support from the government; the government are prepared to give grants and low interest loans to businesses however this is only on specific terms for example sometimes governments may give grants to employers taking on young employees.

    • Word count: 4379
  4. Report. It compares Unilevers and Nestle responses to pressures to reduce their carbon footprint. It explains how Unilever employees and Tescos can assist and support a reduction in the organisational carbon footprint

    Greenpeace appealed with media interest and managed to manipulate the way Unilever and their sustainability program. Types and benefits of long term mutually beneficial relationships Unilever?s main objective with stakeholders is to create activity and to engage with external and internal stakeholders to help identify the issues of concern and provide feedback with specific areas of activity. Generally Unilever finds that constructive dialogue, including with those who may hold critical views, helps understanding of the dilemmas they face in running a business that is seeking to be more sustainable. Its mission Statement regarding Stakeholders is stated as - ?Listening to others and learning from our stakeholders informs our decision-making, strengthens our relationships and helps us succeed as a business.? (http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/about, 7-05-09)

    • Word count: 4031
  5. Comparing Examples of Business Ownership and Objectives.

    This sector also seeks to make a profit although for different reasons to that of the private sector. This sector aims to make a profit for the charities of which they are representing in order for the unfortunate people and animals to receive the care and food they should have in order for them to live a more manageable life. The voluntary sector is run by trustees appointed by the organisations. There are six different types of ownership and these are; Sole trader - A sole trader is a person who sets up and owns their own business.

    • Word count: 3971
  6. Applied Business. Investigating a business Preston Manor High School

    It works with the community to provide students with a high standard education. The school offers the most and least popular subjects e.g. Maths, Sociology etc, or the least popular like leisure and tourism. The school is dedicated to the individual development of attitudes, skills, knowledge, and responsibility essential to successful achievement in school and society. The school actively involves parents and the community in supporting student learning and development. Offering most and least popular subjects shows the school gives a variety of subjects so all sort of customers (students)

    • Word count: 18502

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