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AS and A Level: Structures, Objectives & External Influences

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  1. Free essay


    Common features of Organisations whether in the Public or private sectors can be the working together to achieve a goal, following a set of rules and procedures set by the organisation. Structure is a part of organisations as it helps them to become efficient in separate areas of the organisation including accounts, H.R or marketing. Organisations can be split up into two sectors; Public and Private sectors. Public sector is made up of those owned or financed by central or local government.

    • Word count: 1437
  2. External Influences - Business Study Notes

    INCOMES GOES DOWN * BUSINESS CONFIDENCE IS REDUCED SLUMP = * LOW PRODUCTION * HIGH REDUNDANCIES * HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT * BUSINESSES GO BANKRUPT OR INSOLVENT RECOVERY = * PRODCUTION INCREASES * EMPLOYMENT INCREASES * PEOPLE HAVE MORE MONEY TO SPEND WHAT DO BUSINESSES DO DURING THESE CYCLES? During a boom, a business can raise prices. This increases profitability and slows demand slightly. New products are released during this time to take advantage of consumer wealth. During a recession, a business can make workers redundant to save wages costs.

    • Word count: 2739
  3. Investigating Businesses

    Therefore, a partnership should usually only be used when there is little possibility of bankruptcy. Another advantage of setting up a partnership is that there are a greater variety of ideas and skills available, due to the greater number of people involved. This may be beneficial to the business during the development and decision making processes of the business. Finally, another advantage of having more than one person involved, is that if one of the partners is unavailable to run the business, there is more of a chance that there will be someone available to maintain it.

    • Word count: 7306
  4. The ability of an organisation to adapt to change in its external environment is the key to its long-term success. Discuss.

    This is a prime example of when a business hasn't adapted to change and has suffered as a result. However, a major factor that influences success in the long-run is the quality of management and workers. An organisation must be flexible when managing its labour force. If a firm wishes to maximise its profit, then consistent management techniques will not achieve long-term success. Consumer's tastes vary over time, as previously mentioned, and the business must respond by changing employees' skills and abilities in line with this to meet consumers' needs throughout training and external recruitment.

    • Word count: 1215
  5. Organisational Dynamics

    The complaint was made and the complaint details must be entered into the system for future references and for the owners of Ryanair to find out what the problem was, especially that fact that the problem has been made public. The administration department is involved because they need to record the complaint information and take the details of the person complaining so they are able to see whether there are any alternatives that could be made. Administrators are required to help meet the organization's goals.

    • Word count: 1736
  6. Free essay

    Investigating business Resources

    The company in charge must be aware of their budgets so that they know when they within the budget that they are allowed to spend. Once they have calculated the money that they are going to receive and the money that it is predicted to cost for them to construct the building, then they can get started with the construction. If they do not make calculations correctly then their figures will be incorrect and they may overspend money that is not theirs.

    • Word count: 565
  7. Business and Management

    Better planning and monitoring for Tesco's, builds more profitable and a successful company. Plans and how they are monitored can be divided into four key areas (shown below): * aims and objectives (the setting of plans) * action planning (looking at how to achieve these plans with targets and strategies) * maintenance of effective operations (how resources can be used to make sure those plans happen) * monitoring of performance and future planning (checking that the plans are being met and making changes to improve the business in the future)

    • Word count: 5455
  8. Compare and classify four different examples that operate within the local retail environment, explaining in detail why each one might have decided to operate in the way that it does.

    Top shop, books etc and Debenhams have larger brick and mortar units and a number of customers whereas Spar customers are limited and the size of the units is tiny compared to the other 3. Top Shop is a specialists' store because it only focuses on cloths this means it is easier for consumers to identify the product if they want it and Spar is a hybrid as they offer a wide range of different products. Top Shop a specialise in one type of product this is why they ensure that their sales staff know everything there is needed to know about the product in order to secure a sale.

    • Word count: 761
  9. Describe the retail environment in the local area.

    A department store is a retail establishment which specializes in satisfying a wide range of the consumer's personal and residential durable goods product needs; and at the same time offering the consumer a choice multiple merchandise lines, at variable price points, in all product categories. Department stores usually sell products including apparel, furniture, appliances, electronics, and additionally select other lines of products such as paint, hardware, toiletries, cosmetics, photographic equipment, jewelry, toys, and sporting goods. Like Debenhams in Croydon which is a big department store.

    • Word count: 1272
  10. In 2007, Marks & Spencer Plc. a leading UK clothes, food and home products retailer, launched a five-year strategy to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our business and out world. This strategy involves working with cu

    A Plc. is a public/private limited company, this refers to the ownership structure a business has. Marks & Spencer is a public limited company, this means they have many shareholders, and shares in the company are sold on the stock exchange, in public, so everyone knows about the value and success of the business. Marks & Spencer are a market leader in the UK clothing industry, this is the business which has the majority sales in a certain market, decisions this business makes are likely to be followed, or at least scrutinised by other businesses.

    • Word count: 1294
  11. What Effect will the Stansted Expansion have on the Surrounding Business?

    I will also do some secondary research; this will consist of finding already collected data on the internet, in books or newspapers. With this I will see how other projects similar to this have affected business, or simply using already collected information on the Stansted expansion itself to forward my project. I may also be able to find information on a much more national basis, as the primary research I conduct will only be local, and will not represent the national view of the expansion.

    • Word count: 3646
  12. whay will happen to unemployment in the uk for 2009

    As businesses become insolvent unemployment will rise., the number of people that are unemployed is about 2 million and it is predicted that these figures will rise as we go deeper into the recession. I created a questionnaire and asked 10 people to answer it, to find out how people feel about the stability of the economy and how it affects them. The questions included: 1. how secure do you feel in your current employment? 2. do you think the government is doing enough to secure jobs 3.

    • Word count: 1698
  13. Identifying the customer needs at marks and Spcner

    This information could be used by them to find out the number of customers that visit the store on a regular basis. This information would be very useful to Marks and Spencer to find out which Marks and Spencer store was popular from this they would be able to determine if they could expand the store and introduce more goods and service to their customers. Qualitative research provides research on customer feelings and product or service that they have received.

    • Word count: 5086
  14. History of Marks and Spencer

    By 1973 they had sold wine for the first time in their stores and in 1974 they started to introduce a range of foods such as Indian and Chinese. They where then known to be the first company to remove artificial colours and flavouring from their foods and drinks. Marks and Spencer first stores opened in Europe in Boulevard, Haussaman, Paris and Belgium during 1975. They introduced and supported the launch of home and furnishing catalogue in 1986. In 1999 saw Marks and Spencer's launch their very own online shopping site.

    • Word count: 1070
  15. Economic growth

    If the company produced luxury goods for example, they would see a large increase in demand from consumers who were now able to afford a higher standard of living. It may be difficult to increase the amount that they can produce if they are already working at a maximum capacity. When consumers do not get the service that they feel is adequate from one company, they will go to a different one with better customer services and quicker delivery time.

    • Word count: 1025
  16. Managing and Developing People - Training

    Mathew Boulton College get the employees in the college to familiarise them with the organisation. With the employees doing this they may become more comfortable with the college and may settle in and become more productive. The other type of training is on the job training which the college have or should adopt. This is where a inexperienced employee can watch another member of staff with more experience do the job so that they can learn from them then the employee can put into practice what she or he as learned. Mentoring schemes match an experienced with a less experienced employee so that they are more experienced.

    • Word count: 1139
  17. Evaluating Marks and Spencer

    With an extensive postal order services, M&S has warehouses all over the UK. Marks & Spencer (M&S) is a high end retailer in the UK. In the former Process, as items were sold each day, stock reduction was recorded. Like most retailers, those stock reductions drove replenishment from the distribution centre. M&S stock levels, however, were often inaccurate due to the following: . Stock was not always counted when it was received . Stock located on Mannequins was not able to be sold . Shrinkage Replenishing based on inaccurate stock levels resulted in inaccurate/wrong volumes on hand, and for a percentage of the items, zero stock of a specific size. Since the .system.

    • Word count: 730
  18. internal business growth

    There are two main ways in which companies seek to be more profitable. The first such way is to have a high profit margin. This would imply that they would have to have a low cost of production and a high selling price. Most businesses that employ this way tend be luxury brands. Some examples include Porsche, the car maker and Gucci, the designer fashion label. In this way, they would not have to sell as many units of their products and they would still make an abnormal profit.

    • Word count: 1988
  19. Ownership and finance for my business. The business I am doing is a clothes shop and I am looking to find out how this type of business will start up and get established.

    A business organized as a sole trader will likely have a hard time raising capital since shares of the business cannot be sold, and there is a smaller sense of legitimacy relative to a business organized as a corporation or limited liability company. It can also sometimes be more difficult to raise bank finance, as sole proprietorships cannot grant a floating charge which in many jurisdictions is required for bank financing. Hiring employees may also be difficult because sole traders may not have the advertisement facility to advertise on newspapers, online, etc.

    • Word count: 7858
  20. onlines business BA, amazone, Ebay

    * Amazon also led customers sell their stuff at Amazon.co.uk Marketplace * Customers can buy gift certificates or send items giftwrapped as presents * It also led customers to create a Wish List and never receive an unwanted gift again * It also help to find out their customers Recommendations and discover what's New for them. * Customers can join Amazon.co.uk Associates and earn money by selling Amazon products from their own website * They can visit their other stores at Amazon.com, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.jp and can browse an even wider selection of books, music, electronics, gifts and more.

    • Word count: 1692
  21. Subway Franchise

    I will be answering the question: 'Is it feasible for Subway to expand by establishing a second sandwich outlet in Central Croydon'. It is a well-known brand but in the UK not many customers are familiar with this established name. I will make sure these potential consumers know it. I plan to do this by identifying an opportunity in the market and if there is a gap. I plan to use forecasts to see whether my business will be successful such as cash flow and break-even.

    • Word count: 7080
  22. english essay

    My last point for why everyone has the right to be a parent is that young people are the future. Without them there would be no hope for the world, if there were not as many young people the world would struggle to meet objectives and the population would get lower and lower and eventually die out. These are the reason why I believe that everyone does have the right to become a parent. Not everyone has the right to be a parent; again, there are many reasons for this side of the argument.

    • Word count: 867
  23. Explooring creative product promotion.

    * Long distance students who wish to study at home. They define their prices between two catagories. * Home students/EEC students. * Foreign students. Home students prices range from about �2,000 to �3,000.However for a Foreign student the prices are from about �8,000 upwards. Their products are distributed across Greenwich campus, Medway campus and Avery Hill Campus. ALRA - The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts www.alra.co.uk Bexley College www.bexley.ac.uk Bromley College www.bromley.ac.uk Canterbury College www.cant-col.ac.uk European School of Osteopathy www.eso.ac.uk Greenwich Community College www.gcc.ac.uk Hadlow College www.hadlow.ac.uk Lewisham College www.lewisham.ac.uk North West Kent College www.nwkcollege.ac.uk Orpington College www.orpington.ac.uk West Kent College www.wkc.ac.uk The university of Greenwich uses the following elements of the promotional mix and media.

    • Word count: 570

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