Suggest, with justification, ways of improving motivation in an organisation setting. -Examples for John Lewis.

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BTEC Level 3 Business

Unit 16: Human Resource Management in business

D1 – Suggest, with justification, ways of improving motivation in an organisation setting.

In order to achieve this criterion I should give suggestions, based on my findings, of how the organisation could improve motivation and the type of reward systems that could be introduced, for example, the introduction of a cafeteria incentive system. I should also outline any issues that there might be of developing and introducing such systems.

For this criterion I will use the same company as in previous criterions: John Lewis. JL is a chain of upmarket  operating throughout . The chain is owned by the .

We already know, from previous assignment, that John Lewis is already a good company to work for as it if offering lots of benefits to its employees, such as: end of the year bonuses, paid holidays (even if it is a legal requirement), Staff discount (that is not a required by law), pension schemes, and lots of other benefits. However, there are always some downsides or spaces left for improvements. This is what I am going to examine in this criterion.

Advise your organisation on how they could use three of the motivation in an organisational setting

I would say that a very important point was missed by JL, and this is Childcare. I am going to discuss more about it as this includes lots of sub points.  JL may help employees with childcare by offering different childcare vouchers. However, vouchers are bought out of their salary. But, you may probably think what’s the point, if employees may buy those vouchers by themselves. The main point is that employees do not pay tax or NI on the amount spent on vouchers. So they may save a huge amount of money, especially if the VAT in UK is 20%. These savings can make a huge difference to employees, depending on their circumstances. These vouchers can really show that the company cares about its employees.
More and more families are requesting to work in ways that allow them to better balance work and family life. Since 2003, parents of children younger than six (from April 2009, this has been extended to parents of children under 16) have had the right to request flexible working from their employer. Even if this is only a right to request, JL should consider each particular case. It is very important that they should offer much more flexibility to its employees as this supposes to make them happier (as they will spend more time with their family).  This definitely will increase the levels of motivation of its employees as they will be more motivated to go to work.  
Also, JL could help its employees with its children’s
school fees. This is another rewarding system that has the purpose to motivate its employees even more. JL may help towards its tuition fees by paying 5% - 10% of the costs.

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Another important way of improving motivation of it’s employees is by offering its them free (or cheaper) Health care services. This means that if JL’s employees are ill they can claim from the organisation to have a treatment privately. However, JL does not have such a reward system yet.  Health care may be also given by John Lewis in the form of discount vouchers for treatments such as massages, visits to the osteopath or beauty therapy. This type of reward system may mean that employees take less time off-sick and are more motivated due to lower stress levels. This actually ...

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