SWOT analysis for a car wash business.

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Feasibility and evaluation 8.4

Projection of the business position by the end of year three

The Speed Shine Carwash is likely to be in profit by the end of year three. As my profit and loss account of end of 2015 shows that I will be making a profit of 18, 400.00 this shows that my business is likely to be increasing its profit rather than making a loss. However keeping in mind of all the threats to my business that could occur in future I will have to note them down and be prepared to face them and have their solutions ready, just in case they cause any harm to my business.

Seasonal effects that may rise

The seasonable effects that may rise during my carwash business life are the winter season. As it’s an outdoor hand carwash, it’s vital for the business to have a good dry weather in order for myself and workers to get cars washing. For example, if the weather is rainy or snowing, it’s highly unlikely for me to have any customers during that weather, as most customers will assume their car will get wash by the rain itself and if it’s snowing them it’s too cold to be out.

The weather is the main issues that I am concerned about that may arise in future that my business will have to face. However it is a carwash business, it will have its good days where it can possibly make a lot of profit in summer on the other hand it could be very quiet during winter season. So during the winter season where I won’t be making a lot of profit as long as I have enough to keep running the business, make enough sales to pay for the bills and workers’ wages it should be fine, as long as I making a profit in the summer season.  

SWOT analysis of chosen business

The reason why I chose to open up the car wash business was because it is a simple business to start as its main aim is to wash and it is a business which brings in a lot of profit. This type of business could operate on a high street where lots of cars go past in order to maximize the customer base or in an area where rich people are.  

Join now!

I’m now going to conduct a SWOT analysis on my Speed shine car wash and this will show all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of my speed shine carwash.

Evaluation of SWOT analysis


The strengths of opening up a carwash business are that I can change the prices easily to compete with other businesses, create good relationships with clients and they will feel comfortable with the business and they would recommend it so that it expands to a wider range of consumers and they will keep coming back. Likewise take my ...

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