SWOT analysis of Disneyland Paris

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Unit 5

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Effective Customer Service

High quality effective customer service is key objective to any business/organisation being successful. I have researched into why this would be necessary for a company such as Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris need to provide all its customer with high quality, effective customer service this can be done by training all employees to a high standard including how to be polite, courteous, helpful, have good interpersonal skills and be well presented and look approachable. If Disney was able to provide this level of customer service, it would keep their customers calm, relaxed and free to enjoy their trip, they would also feel secure and valued which is likely to result in repeat custom, this would then help to increase sales within the resort therefore revenue, as a result Disney may receive a boost in their reputation from being able to effectively satisfy the need and wants from its customers. If they were not able to provide high quality, effective customer service this would have the opposite effect and may lead potential customer to choose a threatening theme park to Disneyland Paris, losing the business money and decreasing it’s revenue, repeat customers and share in the market.  

Disneyland Paris has a mission statement this is ‘To bring families together and create the world’s most magical smile!’

This mission statement is essential to Disneyland as it gives them something to stride towards and achieve. If a business or organisation did not initially set specific aims and objectives they may be less motivated to better themselves.  However if the mission statement, aims or objectives set are too simple and easy to achieve by Disney, they may not seek to improve or go further in achievement as a whole. This mission statement is the key to success within the business as other competitors to Disney are constantly modifying and improving to satisfy their customers, therefore customers could visit them theme parks or attractions instead of Disneyland Paris resort.  

Swot analysis

This SWOT analysis has revealed that there are a large number of strengths for Disneyland Paris, compared to the amount of weakness for the business. This informs me that the layout of the Disneyland resort and the company’s current plans are to a high standard and are able to cater for large volumes of customers and their needs and demands.


The first strength I have found is Disneyland Paris caters for a wide target audience, from the rides and entertainment to the facilities and accommodation provided; this is an example of excellent customer service provided by Disney resulting in good customer satisfaction levels. This then leads to an increased reputation, in turn gaining repeat custom, which leads to an increase in sales and potentially revenue.

Another strength I have identified is Disney’s outstandingly unbeatable reputation. This is because they deliver high quality effective customer service that the customers are expecting. This in turn generates good customer satisfaction, leading to repeat customers and a further increase in their reputation, helping Disneyland to achieve the most visited tourist attraction in Europe almost every year. Disneyland Paris will also see a rise in their revenue and sales figures giving them more money to make change and improvements if any are needed. Below are the statistics to support my claim:

A further strength of Disneyland Paris is that its location is easily accessible to its customers. It is in a local position to its largest customer base of French visitors. However for English visitors there are many methods of transport that can be taken to get to Disneyland Paris Resort, there is the Euro star, car or bus, train or plane. These give customers more advantages when travelling to the destination and are suitable for customers from all incomes. This creates a large customer base for Disneyland Paris thus increasing sales and revenue for the company. It will create good customer service which leads to an increase in customer satiation as Disney are able to cater for most customer types, which will then increase Disney’s exceptional reputation further.

Merchandise and products are sold by Disneyland and is a good strength used by them; most of the customers who visit purchase Disney products such as photos from rides or character related products as a souvenir or memory from their stay at the resort. This is offering visitors good customer service as there is a huge selection of merchandise available for choice, this leave the customers satisfied in finding the perfect product for them. This increases the volume of sales gained by Disney therefore the revenue created. It will also help to increase Disney’s reputation by customers spreading good word of mouth.

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The next two strengths I have indentified are linked together; they are extremely beneficial in increasing the reputation and customer service received by customers. These two strengths are having both multilingual staff and multilingual maps and sign posts throughout the park. This is crucial for Disneyland in being successful as the customers that come here are from different countries worldwide, which speak different languages and have different cultures. This means Disney needs to provide a wide range of staff that speak these languages or use universal symbols on the sign posts at the resort to suit and satisfy ...

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