*SWOT Analysis of HSBC*

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*SWOT Analysis of HSBC*

HSBC-“The world’s Largest Local Bank” , is one of the largest banking institution in the world. The Bank currently operates in about 80 other countries apart from England. The bank’s headquarters is located in England. HSBC’S prime focused market’s include EUROPE , ASIA and to a lesser extent North America too.

S.W.O.T Analysis:


  • Global Recognition:  As HSBC is a multinational company , it is quite capable and qualified to advice other companies and it’s own investors on the aspects of international business.
  • Listing’s at major Stock Exchanges: HSBC is listed at London and Hong-Kong stock exchanges which saves the company much grief in complying with new American Sarbanes-Oxley laws.
  • Strong Capital Structure: The bank has a strong Capital structure , which relatively helps it to perform better than the other bank’s
  • Record Profits: Last year the company earned the highest profits of $ 11.5bn
  • Strong presence in Developing Markets:  HSBC has strong presence in developing markets, thus reaping benefits out of those markets in the long term.
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  •  Economic Slowdown: HSBC associates itself strongly with investment in the small business sector, but the current economic situation has led to increased risks, potentially compromising the activity levels in this area of the operation
  • Despite falls in the UK interest rate, HSBC has increased its mortgage rates. This may be perceived negatively by borrowers and potential borrowers, adds pressure to an already depressed housing market and could ultimately lead to more defaulting as borrowers struggle with higher repayments.
  • A redundancy programme announced recently may affect morale among ...

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