Tesco organisational structure

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Tesco organisational structure


Tesco is a global organisation which operates in 12 countries around the world, Tesco operate in the private sector. The organisation has over 500, 0000 people up to date working for them over these 12 countries obviously an organisation of the sort is going to have multiple branches spread out in each of the country they operate in.

The graph above is a store organisational chart and refers to how Tesco stores are organised in a country and the different level title within the organisational structure. However, on a global scale, the business Tesco has a much higher and wider spread organisational chart.

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Firstly, in charge of Tesco PLC there will be people at the HQ (headquarter) they are the directors who make the fundamental decision of the global organisation, at the top of them is the Chairman who is aided by the other directors in his task.  After the chairman, we have the CEO which is supported in his task by company secretary Jonathan L Lloyd

In turn the directors make decisions and run the countries operations. For example, at the head of Tesco PLC UK is the geographical area manager Chris Bush, who is part of the HQ board of ...

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