Tesco SWOT Analysis

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Tesco’s strengths are that they have a strategy which attracts customers this strategy is club card points. And offers like but one get one free attract customers. Tesco slogan attracts customers very well “every little helps”. Many store open worldwide. They offer food and electrical goods. All Tesco have the same price and offers on. Tesco have recently diversified in delivery so customers can buy online. Tesco is a national company.

Size- tesco has many branches around this is so they can provide more services for customers. Very large organisation. Set up all around the U.K now are becoming global.  They can have more profits because they are worldwide. Also they have a good reputation. Also brand loyalty. The larger you are the more economies of scale you have.

Strong senior management- good decisions, good reputation. Work force will be happy because they are good managers. More suppliers. Workers will be monitored.

Flexible formats- tesco have flexible ways to let customers get hold of products such as online deliveries and a big store. Also flexible way to pay such as credit card, debit cards, cheques, cash checkouts. Excellent distribution excellent suppliers that deliver on time. Numerous delivery services.    


Tosco’s weakness is they have many competitors such as Morrison and Asda. They are not a top brand they are not a well-known brand. Not always fair on prices. Other products cost more than competitors charge. Cheaper alternatives.

New locations- they have to adjust with the area they are in. not experts in other cultures and products that other countries need. Senior management of tesco that one of their weaknesses that they don’t understand different customers from different countries, they have to understand people have different beliefs. They are used to the UK market. Sales are inconsistent in the UK they are high but in other countries the sales are low. They haven’t got the same brand loyalty in the UK.

Tesco are more well known in the Uk whereas they are not well known abroad. Sales are low, profits are less, they don’t understand the slogan and log. No delivery methods aboard better in the UK.

Substation investment- they reinvest all their money that has been made as a profit in the Uk they use it to build more tesco stores aboard rather than giving it to shareholders. Tesco have taken all their profits and reinvested and failed to pay shareholders this has made shareholders upset.

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Tesco are seen as middle quality organisation. They are not cheap alternatives like Aldi and Lidl. They are not like marks Spencer. This is well known.  


Tesco get more customers every day. Also Tesco offer training services to people who are interested in working for Tesco. They can open international and build shops in other countries. Special offers and promotions and try and get customers from other companies.

Growth of none food products- they can expand their product range as they have already started fiancé they can continue growing this in the market.

They can ...

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