Tescos News Report - do they care about their suppliers?

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Tesco Plc. – they say they listen and care, but do they?


Does Tesco really care about their suppliers? For this topic, we do have some mixed comments. Recently we had multiple complaints from suppliers across the UK complaining about the way Tesco treats its suppliers and whether it cares about them or not.

We’ve heard the phrase again and again “we use our scales for good” this phrase used to convince people that they use their size for good causes, to help others but how is realistically true is that?

One of the many farms across the UK dealing with Tesco for more than five years now as their supplier complained that the company used fact that they are biggest food retailer in the UK to threaten them in a deal

Now this tells me that Tesco has not kept the promise but instead used it for the wrong reason, as an advantage for them to get what they really want and forgetting about the supplier

A source of complaint online explained that out of 200 variety of apples In the UK, Tesco only stocks 7. This means that firstly they don’t really care about the UK supplier at all and they rather deal with suppliers abroad than those in the UK, they own territories. Secondly, they are not using their scale for good like they say. Another source complaining about this problem said that supermarkets in the UK did well in providing organic variety, but only 23 % of Tesco apples were actually from the UK and worst 56% of Tesco organic apples from outside the EU. To me, this does not only prove betrayal but ignorance towards the UK suppliers, it emphasise the fact that they do not treat their suppliers well as they would like to be treated.

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On the other hand, there are still those who are still under the charm of Tesco.

Some suppliers have praised Tesco for their help and for taking them responsible for their success. They have spoken about their relationship with the retail giant and how they have benefited from this relationship. A source explained how Tesco protect and promotes their relationship with their suppliers.

Some suppliers stated that their partnership with the company allow them to have a certain and growing market for their products. This emphasises the importance of the suppliers to Tesco.

Tesco has also been praising their ...

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