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The Outsiders Novel Essay

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´╗┐Mohamed Sabry 9R 25/5/2012 Outsiders Essay ? Essay Title Number Two The Outsiders is an exceptionally disreputable and provocative novel published in 1967 by author S.E Hinton. The novel predominantly addresses numerous societal matters existent during the 1960?s. Said issues include socioeconomic segregation, dysfunctional families, and violence amongst the adolescent population. Throughout this essay, I will focus upon the issue of dysfunctional families, specifically the Curtis Brothers and how their relationship is sustained and nourished as the novel progresses. For we can see that each of the character?s scrutiny towards his siblings is altered as the novel progresses, mostly in a positive manner as is seen in the character of Ponyboy. Firstly, I would like to examine the character Ponyboy, since he is the primary character within the novel as well as being somewhat secluded from the group. This is ostensible from Ponyboy?s comportment and hobbies, for he enjoys more sentimental aspects as well as the intellectual aspect of life. Whereas the Greasers in general seem to have lost the virtuous quality and passion that Ponyboy has been proficient at retaining. Through the interpretation of the novel we see that the title of the novel contains great symbolic meaning, in reference to the greasers as well as Ponyboy. For it is perceptible that the Greasers are seen as a burden to their society, as well as being referred to by the media in specific as juvenile delinquents due to their irrational behavior and disruption to the peace and serenity of society. ...read more.


that supplementary reaffirms the argument of Darrell?s existent yet concealed love and affection towards Ponyboy. Alternately, we can perceive that Ponyboy?s relationship with Sodapop is immensely dissimilar from his relationship with Darrell. For on numerous occurrences we see Sodapop safeguarding and conserving Ponyboy from Darrell?s interminable reprimand, thus contributing to a foundation of reliance and adoration in their relationship. Since Ponyboy misconstrues Darrell?s censure as a form of detestation, Sodapop denotes a guardian whereas Darrell epitomizes malevolence and animosity. Due to his role as a mediator between Darrell and Ponyboy, Sodapop is habitually the individual who diminishes the antagonism of his two brothers. Secondly, we transition to the intermediate brother of the family, Sodapop. As I have previously stated, Sodapop?s primary role within the novel is to serve as a moderator between Darrell and Ponyboy. Thus he reprises his role as a mediator on several instances during the progression of the novel. Predominantly, Sodapop demonstrates behavior similar to Ponyboy?s behavior; this is evident throughout the novel and under particular circumstances. Such circumstances include the event of Ponyboy and Sodapop sharing their beds where Sodapop embraces Ponyboy in order to consolidate him and inform him that Darrell truly loves him. Nevertheless, we also realize that Sodapop and Darrell are analogous in evident facets due to the fact that they are both role models to Ponyboy, since he is his elder brother along with Darrell. ...read more.


To stay?(1). This further substantiates my argument that as the Curtis brothers experienced the horrific events of the novel, a sense of unity and cohesiveness is augmented within the brothers thus strengthening their relationship. This theory is further substantiated during the conclusion of the novel, when Sodapop antagonizes Darrell and Ponyboy and states, ? I don?t know. It?s just? I can?t stand to hear y?all fight?It?s like I?m the middleman in a tug o? war and I?m being split in half. You dig?? (1) This quotation emphasizes the inadvertent negligence that Sodapop is subjected to by his siblings. This concept of unintended neglect towards Sodapop stems from the belief that Sodapop is often the cause of dwindling of the feud between Ponyboy and Darrell that he is forgotten In conclusion, we can distinguish that although each Curtis brother is inimitable and distinct concerning his role in the family, the family functions as a cohesive unit. The underlying theme of family cohesiveness is of prominence within the novel, thus endorsing a progressive and constructive message to the readers of the novel. Although the novel principally illustrates dysfunctional families in a deleterious manner, we can see that at least one dysfunctional family was able to preserve its concord and remain united. It is for this reason that The Outsiders has been such a prominent and critically acclaimed novel, since it proficiently elucidates household feud and disputes. As well as competently exposing the segregation of the inferior class society in most cultures. Sources: The Outsiders ? Novel (1) http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110116225414AA3xAyF (2) ...read more.

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