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Training and mentoring

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InterClean, Inc merged with EnviroTech, Inc to move into solution-based company and gain competitive advantage in the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. We want to grow and have continued success through the creativity, teamwork and customer satisfaction. I would like my new team to be proficient sales force with excellent customer satisfaction rate in addition to the aggressive sales effectiveness. My report will identify the training needs of each individual in our team and will determine objectives that can be measurable and observable in order to achieve the desired results of training process. The New Training and Mentoring Needs 1. Management Training Needs Analysis Skills/Experience Jim Martin VP of Sales Tom Gonzales Sales Manager Motivation of the team and leadership skills 8 10 Innovation and creativity, problem-solving and decision-making skills 10 10 Communication skills, listening, building trust and managing diversity 7 8 Customer care and customer service management 10 10 Delegation, identifying tasks, measuring performance 8 7 Training, coaching, mentoring, assessing training needs. 5 5 Knowledge and experience in industrial cleaning and Sanitation industry 10 10 Total ( Scores are 1-10, lowest scores are subject for Training priorities) 58 60 According to the management training needs analysis, the training priorities must concentrate on training and coaching, assessing training needs ability for both managers. ...read more.


Following training methods will be used in order to achieve our training and mentoring goals. * One-on-one training for managers This training method will allow managers to get necessary knowledge about training and mentoring in a comfortable environment with hands-on practices and interaction with the instructor. This is costly, however, necessary method of delivery for managers who will be excellent trainers and mentors for new hires. * Virtual Classroom e-learning This method will allow our outside sales representatives to have a live instructor through Internet with hands-on practices. It is convenient for sales force not to travel and learn from their computer screen by interacting with live instructor and learning in an active way. This method will increase flexibility in scheduling and reduce training cost at 30%. * Cross-training My new sales team has very diverse skills set. Mark Pierce and Dennis White are aggressive salespeople who prefer closing the deals more than taking care of the customer. Eric Burden and Terry Garcia are sales force from EnviroTech who believe in long-term customer relationship and working as a team. I believe that cross-training between two groups will benefit everyone from building a team to applying different work behaviors. The knowledge and experience gained all along is most valuable asset for the team and I would like you to share your knowledge with each other in order to build a strong and unbeatable team. ...read more.


In order to ensure that training is going well on-going assessment will apply to observe how the training goes. If the results are good, training must continue, however, if the results are not satisfied training must change direction and methods to assure effective training. Feedback To ensure the effectiveness of training process and for future training improvement, the feedback will be used after each training courses. The feedback could be online form if assisted E-learning training or in paper forms if attended classroom training. The importance is to measure what was done correctly, and what could be avoided in the future training courses. Alternate avenues for those who need further development The training and mentoring programs will be most important part of our transition period. In addition to the above-mentioned training programs, I would like to present New Employee Orientation Program to welcome EnviroTech employees to join InterClean. HR personnel and department managers will be in charge planning and providing the continuous NEO program during 30 days of the employment. Please ensure to participate to Effective Teamwork training which will help for smoother integration and interaction of the new team building process. We all have to make effort in achieving our training goals within appropriate time-framing in order to enhance our job and team performance. If you believe that you need more training in certain areas please see your manager for further investigation. ...read more.

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