Unit 1 P3 P4 P5 P6 Business Organisation and The Business Enviroment - comparing examples of different companies.

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For this criteria I shall be talking about how businesses are organised I will speak about Metro (profit making business) and Wood Green Library (non- profit making business)

Metro (Profit making business)


Metro is a free newspaper available in 16 of Britain's major cities.1.3 million copies of Metro are distributed across the UK in the morning for readers before going to work so they can read on their travels.

Metros mission statement is to become the UK’s number one newspaper.


“Metro the world's largest free newspaper and the fourth biggest newspaper in the UK.”

Therefore, another aim that Metro can have is to grow and become the world’s best newspaper. This is a realistic target because they are currently the world’s largest free newspaper so this makes the aim realistic because they already have the reputation to become the world largest overall newspaper.        


In order for Metro to become the world overall largest newspaper they can start by distributing to different countries in the common wealth as they already have English speaking people there and this will make it easier for them to send it out without having to change the language for the reader to read as this will become more expensive.

After gaining a good reputation with the common wealth countries, they can start to distribute to non-English speaking countries by setting up a special area of the business that translate the writing from English to other languages and slowly distribute it across to other countries.

Wood Green Library (non-profit making business)


Wood green Library is a free service available for the public to use they offer a huge variety of services and facilities.

Wood Green Library does not have a Mission Statement.


As it is a government run organisation that provides a free service to the community its main aim for the business is service provision, this is when they keep a record on the service they provide and how they can improve on the service.

C) In order for the organisation to meet their aims to keep a record on the service that they provide they can have a customer service questionnaire for the customers to fill in and give their opinions on the service that they are provided and how they can improve on it.

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For this criteria I shall be looking at how the organisation structure helps the business to achieve its aims and purpose. I will then explain how strategic planning helps the business to achieve their purpose and aims.


Metros organisational structure helps the business to achieve its purpose and aims set by making roles for employees to work in. The roles will differ in order of importance and this will help the business to categorise activities that are more likely to give the business different successful opportunities in the future.

Metros ...

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