Unit 1 P6 Describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of Tescos and their stakeholders.

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 P6 Describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected organisations and their stakeholders.  -

As the research assistant of the local chamber of conference I have been asked to prepare a news article which describes how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected businesses and their stakeholders.


This organisation is global business where there are multiple stores located in over 14 countries that they operate within they are located across Europe, Asia and North America. Tesco is also a tertiary business (also in the private sector so owned by share holders who will be affected by change) where they provide customers with goods and services where he initial aims is to make a profit Tesco is the 3rd largest business in the world not only because it operates in numerous countries but it has open in different market areas such as expanding the groceries section and adding more foreign foods as well as opening in the clothing department as well as selling electronics and house hold goods with its popularity you are now able to purchase products in store, online, and on the go via thee app.  

Tesco can be affected by the 3 major factors such as political, legal and social-

Political factors-

Firstly political factors are connected to the government of those running countries where they place laws on how that business can operate for instance a business such as Tesco would look any change created on current legislations or new laws on how certain businesses can operate so if in china a legislation states the foreign businesses can only operate by joining with current business with in that area Tesco has to follow them rules to be able to operate. Political stability is the level of peace experience within that country this is measured by the level of government policies and actions that take place, the policies made by the government are based on the opinion on those who live under that country so the policies would be based on what affect them positively. Linking political stability to Tesco it allows the level of activities to take place such as laws on level of waste produced so it constricts on the amount of product they can throw away for instance damaged fruit and vegetables instead of throwing it away they can create compos to help local schools build their own garden or help support communities by creating gardening centres. So political stability is important where they have regulation on how they operate so they don’t waste products but provide to other instead it not only helps the local communities but Tesco as well by giving them a good reputations so they achieve a regular customer base to do daily shopping.

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There is government support available to the private sector such as Tesco where they are schemes such as “The Challenges of transition: from public to private” allowing the stores to operate if they allow new workers to be hired where about over 300,000 workers are supposed to lose their jobs from the public sector such as those working in the fire department less stations will be required in the future so they will be shut down and forcing the workers to be unemployed also local libraries will be shutting down so those working in that business will also unemployed so ...

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