Unit 11 M1 Analyse the ways in which relationship marketing activities can be used to support achievement of the strategic aims and objectives of a given organisation.

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M1- Analyse the ways in which relationship marketing activities can be used to support achievement of the strategic aims and objectives of a given organisation.-

In this report I will be explaining the development of relationship marketing by highlighting the benefits of having a relationship between the customer and the chosen business or between two different businesses. Relationship marketing is where two businesses have a business relationship where they have good communication with each other, for example supporting the other business such as contributing to a future plan the other business has or lending money to the other business if they really need it to get out of debt or run a new project. Relationship marketing relies on respect/honesty, for instance trying to understand the other businesses point of view instead of disagreeing which can lead to an argument; it involves honoring the other businesses view point such as respecting their culture. For example if an American business want to create a partnership with a Chinese business it would be polite for them to respect each other native land and culture because it is polite to understand the other business culture before having any business related discussion because it show you have interest in creating a relationship with that business. The potential benefits of having relationship with other business can lead to a better communication with two business to able attract a customer group such as the spray companies like Lynx, Dove and Sure Men which are three different business joined together to promote their smaller spray bottles, which has smaller impact on the environment, by releasing the new ad commercial it would lead to a promotion of their businesses but to accomplish this first they required a good communication/trust between the contrasting business in the project, so one of the benefits of a marketing relationship is  having a better promotional scheme.

To build a lasting relationship there must be a mutual advantage between two parties, for instance Tesco presents this by its customer service team which offer service to customers, having patience when talking to customers, and being loyal, this does require the 7 p’s as well where they create a relationship with their customers.

Tesco uses many strategies to create a lasting relationship with their customers, for instance they commonly use the club card where they allow customer to build up points so that the customers can then spend these points in store, but of course Tesco also needs to follow the 7 p’s if they are going to attract customers in the first place and then use additional schemes to then retain customers. Tesco uses it relationship marketing activities to support the achievement of the strategic aim and objectives by linking the two together.

Tesco core purpose and mission is –

On the Tesco website their mission clearly says that “we make matters better, together”. This shows that whatever situation the customer or even the employee is in, they will try to improve for with the customer or employee, linking this towards relationship marketing or relationship on its own it is where a relationship requires two people that are connected to each other, what Tesco is trying to say is if the business and the customers are connected together they can improve any affair.

Tesco values also are linked to their customers-

No one tries harder for customers; this also links towards the relationship that Tesco is trying to create a relationship as soon as the customers enters the store they will try to create a pleasant environment for the customer, where they have trained staff to assist the customer, aisle set in food orders so that they can be easier to access the food. Even before entering the store they have specific location of stores which are located within not outside communities, even the distance of the car park and location of shopping trolleys are located in specific location so that the shopping trip makes it easier for the customer, every little thing the business does is done for the customer.

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We treat other how we like to be treated-

This is linked towards the first value where “no one tries harder for customers”  where they treat other how they want to be treated, linking this to relationship it is where two people in the relationship the dominant person (Tesco) will treat the  submissive (customer) as how they wish to be treated, for instance they try to settle disputes where both people benefit, where they spend quality time together where the customer service teams are trained to spend as much time possible to help the customer, Tesco also listen to each ...

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