Unit 11 M2 Analyse the effectiveness of methods used to retain customers in Tescos

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M2- Analyse the effectiveness of methods used to retain customers in a selected organisation


In this report I will analyse the effectiveness of methods used to retain customer in Tesco PLC

The total product concept need to be offered to retain customers, Tesco will have to offer the four 4p’s (price, place, promotional, and products) effectively before they can attract the customers, and to retain them they will have to achieve the 3p’s effectively (people, physical evidence and processes), due to them not achieving this they have not retained customers

The components of pre-transactional customer service include, a parking space, the different parking spaces such as family, disabled and normal parking spaces, trolley stands are the pre-transactional customer service components that would lead to a customer in being lured into purchasing products, this is because they are convenient and have all the elements that would lead to a customer having a good visit, in store signs ‘happy to help’ staff help customers to find things. People are the key components of pre transactional customer service

The transactional components that would lead to a customer to purchase is self-checkouts as they would reduce waiting time and also opening of checkouts would also lead to customer not having to wait for a lengthy period to purchase the products. Another components is that customer are able to pay for the products through many different ways such as cash, credit/debit card, this is very convenient, the reason why this is convenient is because if you don’t have enough cash your able to pay by card an example of this Tesco PLC they provide all that has been stated above, e.g. different ways of payment, self-checkouts, people also help with packing, they also give free bags. People are they key components of transactional customer

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The post transactional customer service components include, people holding umbrella and trolley boys which help the customer, the trolley boy helps return the trolley to the trolley stand so the customer doesn’t have to, the umbrella boy protect the customer from the rain so the customer or their shopping doesn’t get wet. Tesco PLC also has a 24 hour customer service department which help customer in issue or help solve queries and issues via email or telephone such as the return policy. People are the key components to post transactional customer service

The methods that Tesco PLC seem to ...

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