Unit 2 - Investigating Business

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Unit 2 – Investigating Business

My name is André Gibbs, I am currently 18 years old and I live in South Norwood borough of Croydon. The name of my business will be Funky Catererz this name come from the love I have for funky music and different foods.  My business will be a service based on catering for all types of occasions such as wedding, christenings, funeral and others. We will also cater in Caribbean food predominately Jamaican cuisine but also cater in all varieties of Caribbean. I will be running this business from home until expansion is need of my business. I feel that this would be the best business for me to start because I do not have to spend a lot to start up my business. I have a Business Communication GCSE qualification and A level qualification in business, ICT and English. For my business I have access to £20,000 as a limited amount to start off my business this is an advantage for my business because there are very low priced stores that sell cheaper goods.
For a successful business it must have four very important sources which are known the four p’s of business:

  • Place
  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion

I feel that my service would go far and make a profit because it comes with a range of fashion techniques not just customising also not many people have heard of services like mine in my location, this is what makes my service unique.

My promotion is the way I will pass on information as a seller to change the attitudes and behaviour of my buyers. To make this work I must have a sales promotion to get the attention of potential buyers. This means I would have to advertise my business. I would have to advertise in cheap ways (television adverts are too expensive for me to afford) e.g. posters, leaflets, facebook, you tube and even one off stall in the market so people can sign up.  Not only advertising is promotion but also using myself to show the quality of my service.


My business will be based in my  house for a year customers will have to come to order but they can have their product mailed to them if they wish. My business will be at my house only for a year.

Reasons why business will be placed in this location

      Because the rent is too expensive in South Norwood an average rent is £700-£900 a month.Me using my house will help me save enough to afford rent for the next year and other years     2.    My location is in-between Lewisham council and Croydon council this shows that can get a large amount of customers. Nomis website shows that


1.   Have a successful business so I can survive. If my business is not successful I would lose cash or have none at all. This can make me lose everything. My plan to survive is to continue advertising my product and showing samples so more people would know about my service. Another idea is to have a public fashion show so the public would see what my service provides.

2.    Break even - my income has to at least be exactly the same as my expenses. This means I may not be making money but I also won’t be losing money.

3.    Make sufficient profit so I can live properly- I have to have a target profit so I will be motivated. I’m aiming to make a £1000 profit for myself a month.

4.    Ability to employ other people. I have to have this ability because the more people that come to my service the more workers I would need. If there are not enough workers clothing wouldn’t be made in time then I customers are less likely to come.

5.    Expand in the future. I would love my business to expand into other locations so it can become a national service in the future and many people would know my brand.


1.    Expand business to 7 different locations by 3 years time, through family members and friends going into partnership. I would expand my business by saving money form my parents location, then when I move to my own in the Lewisham council (because it’s cheaper than Croydon) I would save enough money to buy a store in Croydon. Then I’ll save money from both businesses’ to buy another store. I would continue this process until I have 7 or more locations in London.

2.    Increase number of customers by over 700 in 2 years. This will happen through using my promotion which is advertising and word of mouth. Hopefully I make it and get 700 in 2 years if so I would double the amount to over 1,400 in 4 years.

3.    To satisfy customers needs. To do this I would provide customer services so all customers can get their needs and wants. I believe customer services is really important with my business because its dealing with clothes and problems such as an outfit not fitting is a problem that customer services can deal with.

4.    To enjoy business. Not only that I have to be successful but I have to enjoy my business because if I don’t how would my employees and customers enjoy it, it’s my motivation that would keep them all motivated. I would also like to get some financial security so I would have enough money for food, clothing etc especially so I won’t be homeless.

5.    Help family with business money and future employment. My business will help my family in many ways e.g. I can give them jobs when they are jobless, if they can make clothes and have qualifications, if they cant I could still help them e.g. to do delivery, advertising or working in customer service. It would also save my family from being bank erupted in the future.

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6.    Be a good employer to employees. I want my employees to feel welcome and comfortable so we can also build trust and help each other when we are unable to do something.


Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneur is someone who owns a successful business, to have a successful business you will need good skills, loyalty, being a good sails person, hard working person, energetic, prepared for risk taking and interpersonal skills. You will also need to focus on the important things for your target markets such as their age, income, race, sex and interest. TAIRI

Target market - it’s important ...

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