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Unit 2 - Investigating Business

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Business Applied Unit 2 - Investigating Business My name is Andr� Gibbs, I am currently 18 years old and I live in South Norwood borough of Croydon. The name of my business will be Funky Catererz this name come from the love I have for funky music and different foods. My business will be a service based on catering for all types of occasions such as wedding, christenings, funeral and others. We will also cater in Caribbean food predominately Jamaican cuisine but also cater in all varieties of Caribbean. I will be running this business from home until expansion is need of my business. I feel that this would be the best business for me to start because I do not have to spend a lot to start up my business. I have a Business Communication GCSE qualification and A level qualification in business, ICT and English. For my business I have access to �20,000 as a limited amount to start off my business this is an advantage for my business because there are very low priced stores that sell cheaper goods. For a successful business it must have four very important sources which are known the four p's of business: * Place * Product * Price * Promotion Product I feel that my service would go far and make a profit because it comes with a range of fashion techniques not just customising also not many people have heard of services like mine in my location, this is what makes my service unique. My promotion is the way I will pass on information as a seller to change the attitudes and behaviour of my buyers. To make this work I must have a sales promotion to get the attention of potential buyers. This means I would have to advertise my business. I would have to advertise in cheap ways (television adverts are too expensive for me to afford) ...read more.


These are the ways that customers may complain: 1. Return the goods to the person who owns the service 2. Write a complaint and keep a copy it letter 3. Call consumer direct service to get some consumer advice 4. Exchange or refund my product Customers have rights to: 1. Ask for a receipt 2. Ask to see prices 3. Complain in writing, email or phone 4. Compare prices between products 5. Not pay cash in advance 6. Not accept credit notes instead of refunds My business will have supply of goods and services for reasons such as: 1. Home Delivery 2. 3. 4. 5. Secondary research of my area Secondary research of my area I live in South Norwood which is the Croydon borough but if I was a couple of roads away I would in the borough of Lewisham meaning my house is in the border line of two different borough. This makes me very lucky because my service can apply to 2 councils and give me a wider range of customers. I went research area sites such as www.upmystreet.com and www.yell.com to find information on my neighbourhood. Description of my neighbourhood Many people who live in my area are suburban privately renting professionals, only 1.09% of the UK population live in my neighbourhood People who live in South Norwood are normally found in outer London areas such as Richmond, Sutton and Croydon. Many are middle classed, in their 20's- 30's and well educated. They have developing ideas in professional and managerial jobs. They have high interest in leisure activities, they are comfortable using the internet, CD's, books, and going on holiday to places like USA and Canada. They read Broadsheet papers. People who live in South Norwood are likely to have a high family income, their education and degree level is very high, the numbers of couples with children are quite low. ...read more.


* I will first give the jobs to friends and family members that I know who have good experience of cooking and catering. Long term: * I will hire more people to work full time services once the business starts to make profits * the pay will rise up 30% of what the business makes * I will be able to hire those who are not family, as long as they can show me their CV and qualifications. Also I will interview them and give them trial runs to see if they are good enough for the job. * Someone to be my financial manager so they can deal with the money in the business. What responsibilities that is ahead: * me and the workers are responsible for all customers equipments * I am must make sure that my employees are comfortable in their position in my business * I am responsible for the money that goes in and out of business as I am the owner and I want the business to succeed so money control is important What complications that may occur in the company: * the business will first be based in my parents home it may be a bit to hard to work in because of the people coming in and out of the house causing distributions * they're may be many arguments because people have different ways of cooking or different styles of cooking * there may not be enough cooking equipment at first so people will have to do different things while one member of the business is using it that piece of equipment * It may be hard to attend to all customers need at once because of the volume of staff we will have at first but we must try to attend to all customers as so as possible so they will have positive feedback to other customer about business. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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