Unit 2 P1 Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation

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 P1: describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation

This report is going to describe an effective business needs to guarantee it has adequate resources to encounter for example by planning and co-ordinating staffs, equipment, working capital, facilities and administration. These essential aspects are important and need to be regular monitored to guarantee things are functional, so that troubleshooting and problem solving is carried out accordingly. The human resources department is responsible for staffing to meet changing business demands this will ensure that it will involve liaison with other departments such as production, marketing and finance. This will need to be decided whether an increase in staffing such as being provided in house or through outsourcing.

The main function is the recruitment of knowledgeable, skilled staffs using relevant documentation such as application forms, job descriptions, person specification and contrast of employment. Staff work is part of a team that the human resources department will be involved in the monitoring of a team performance and the coordination of the team resources to meet targets. This will be involved in motivating staffs In order to improve retention being a team and motivating staffs is essential because it will help improve the retention due to teamwork and motivation, this can be done by hiring motivators, teamwork actives every year and this will be done through encouraging creativity and initiative and through provision of appropriate incentives. Additionally they will help in establishment of professional culture. This might include developing levels of formality and encouraging the separation of professional from private activities.

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Recruitment documents used in business

Before a job can be advertised internally or externally, there are two things that must contain for example:

  • Job title
  • Position within organisation structure
  • Most frequency occurring duties involved in order of importance
  • Working condition- location, salary, holiday entitlement, length of working week, perks.
  • Other information- professional studies, exams, test.

A job description is important in advertising a vacancy to employees this is because it give a clear visual of what the job roles is for example these aspects will be used in a job description, “you are always ...

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