Unit 32 D1 Analyse how development in the consumer market have impacted on a food retailer

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D1- Analyse how development in the consumer market have impacted on a food retailer


This report I will analyse and also explain how development in the consumer market have impacted on food retailers, this will include the food retailing operations and the consumer market

Food retailing operations:


Supermarkets have become very popular in recent time as there are many other ways in which customers are able to purchase products such as they offer Tesco click and collect service, customers are able to order the products online and then go pick them up, the internet is another way in which customers are able to purchase products and get them delivered to their house, technology has made the way in which customers are able to shop more efficient. It is a trend for consumers because it is more convenient for them as they are able to pick up all their essential items from one place rather than going to many different other places  

Limited range:

The amount of variety of food that is up for offer, Tesco supermarket has a massive variety of products, but their general stores have limited variety of products that are regularly purchased by customers, the only difference is that the general stores are more expensive than the super stores. Limited range is a range is a trend as customers are able to get better quality products for a cheaper price

Discount food stores:

The food discount stores have become very popular in recent times especially in the recession (customers had less money to spend), discount stores such as Lidl and Aldi, they have become so popular they have taken a percentage of Tesco tertiary sector market share, this is because Aldi and Lidl offer products that are value for money

Petrol stations:

Petrol stations have become very popular in supermarkets, this is because supermarkets have realised that they most important thing after food is fuel to fuel their cars, they have also introduced fuel stations at their supermarkets to intrigue customers to buy product from their supermarkets and also fill their fuel tanks as they are there, they have made it more convenient for customers. Petrol station have become a trend, this is because they are open 24 hours and customers are able to fill up and get their groceries from the same place it has become more convenient

Top up/ home essentials stores:

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Convenient stores such as Tesco express are very essential for top ups and home essentials as they are very common, Tesco have introduced such stores so customers are able to drive buy such stores and top up their phone whilst purchasing home essentials such as a loaf of bread or milk gallon, they have made consumers life’s more easy as they don’t have to travel to a supermarket to purchase home essentials. Top ups and home essentials stores have become a trend this is due to the increased use of telecommunication and due to customers being able to pick up ...

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