Unit 32 M1 Explain how health, safety and hygiene legislation has impacted on food retailers.

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M1: Explain how health, safety and hygiene legislation has impacted on food retailers.


Health and Safety Laws

Tesco has to abide by the most important health and safety law which is the Health and Safety at work Act1947. It has impacted on Tesco as they have to ensure that they are following and abiding by the Act by providing legal frame work in order to promote, encourage high standard of health and safety in places of work, Tesco must comply with the act as they must do all of the following as mentioned before in the description of the health and safety laws.

Handling Products and equipment safely

Although Tesco do not have as much risky equipment as other specialist businesses, they must ensure that in their fish stall and bakery. It is essential for the equipment is handled appropriately to avoid any injuries to employees. This indicates that Tesco must guarantee that the equipment's they have in store are maintained regularly in order to track down any problems happens; meaning that they must abide to the legislations in order to avoid injuries or dangers to health in Tesco. It is the same for their products. Tesco must make sure that all products are handled correctly in order to avoid dangers to health of consumers. They must keep all products with their own group to avoid contamination taking place which is a danger to health and this can affect the business and their reputation. Therefore the impact that it has had is to keep everything in order to ensure everyone and everything are carefully handled.

European Agency for Health and Safety

Tesco are influenced by the European Agency for Health and Safety as the UK is part of the EU which means that every business in the UK whether they are big or small will also have to abide by the European law on food retailing.

Tesco are influenced as they have to guarantee that the workplace is a safer, healthier and more productive place to work as the European Agency are also committed into achieving this. They have to ensure that the workplace risks are minimised in order to ensure health and safety at work. They must also share knowledge with their employees in order for them to be aware of the practices on safety and health procedures. The impact is vital as it ensures Tesco are informing their employees on the practices of health and safety and ensure that they make sure that the work place has a less than minimum chance of risk to health and risk of injuries.

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Health and Safety Executive

Tesco are also impacted in Health and Safety Executive as they must ensure that they fulfil the general duties that they have towards the employees and members of the public. Tesco are impacted as they must abide by the law that requires them to have good management and common sense in order for them to spot any risks and take sensible measures to tackle them.

Tesco must make sure that the regularly carry out risk assessments as they have more than five employees in each store which requires them to record the ...

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