Unit 4 P1 explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes

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P1 Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes

Tesco has stores in 14 countries across the world. In the UK it is the grocery market leader it has about 30% of market share. This means that Tesco is the main supermarket leader in the shores of the UK.

The key purpose of Tesco is to make profit. Tesco’s is the third largest retailer in the world measured by revenues and is the second largest in the world measured by its profit.

Tesco is in the tertiary sector. This is because its sells the products, it doesn’t manufacture or directly get the product from its primary sector. Tesco’s has millions of shareholders which the majority shareholder only has around 3% of the shares. This just shows the vast amount of shareholders that Tesco’s has because the majority shareholder only has 3%. This is PLC in the private sector.

Communication is the exchange of information through the use of spoken mode or written mode. Communication is important in a business because it conveys messages from one person to another or from one department to another.

Types of information 


 verbal communication is when there is somebody speaking, verbal information can be used in face to face conversation, verbal communication is also used in phone conversations and also webcam communications. It can take place on a one to one basis or it can be used by one person to address groups of people.  


Written is when there is information presented in the form of characters written e.g. on the computer or paper based. Written communication is used on leaflets, brochures, in letters, emails, newspapers, magazines etc. written communication provides the organisation with evidence of what has taken place and can be used to be referred back to if needed  


On-screen is when information is presented on television or on the screens of computers, tablets and smartphones. It can be used to promote new and existing products and also make customers aware of special offers  


Multi-media is using more than one media type to inform or express their product or service.it is also used to cover a range of formats so it has more chance of reaching more customers/ staff etc. multimedia communication can include online advertisement and also television advertisement

Web based:

Web based communication is when using the web browser to communicate with potentially millions of people worldwide. Web based communication can be undertaken using websites, emails and social media and is displayed to people on monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Types of information used at Tesco PLC


When the customer is communicating with employees of Tesco PLC staff, even if it’s just customers communicating with till operatives, customer service assistants, security guards or even asking about a query through calling up it still is verbal communication. Verbal communication doesn’t just include customer’s staff meetings/ briefings/ presentations/ tannoy announcements, it also includes the communication of internal staff, suppliers and to one another  


 Tesco PLC use written communication when they are advertising their promotions in-store, they also use written communication when they are responding to complaints or answering customer queries and also staff issues. Written communication can also include leaflets, brochure, presentations etc. It is also used when dealing with contracts for suppliers and employees and in many other ways  


Tesco PLC use on screen communication is when they are advertising on television or in-store in-order to make customers aware of the offers that is available in their stores. They’re advertisements also include their products and services. On screen advertisement can also include advertising on the internet on pop ups and social media sites e.g. Facebook, twitter etc    


Tesco PLC use multimedia communication in order to make customers aware of the promotions that they are offering on their products, this is done through television advertisement, advertisement on their website and other multimedia websites. They advertise their products and services that are currently available at the organisation, they do this through many multi-media platforms such as tablets, smartphones and television. By doing this the help to increase the level of exposure their campaign has to the potential customers  

Web- based:

Tesco PLC uses web based communications to inform their customers is through them advertising special offers on their website or other websites such as Facebook etc. They also do their advertisement through pop ups that will appear on many website that you visit, to make you aware of the special offers that are available to you through the organisation. Tesco PLC also have their own intranet which allows the organisation and its employees to communicate with one another confidentially on an internal basis  

The purpose of business information

The purpose of communication is to allow the exchange of information and ideas.

Purpose of information:

The purpose of the information on Tesco PLC webpage is for customers to easily access the area they want for example of the have a query they are able to go onto the contact page and contact Tesco PLC in various ways e.g. through written or verbal communication. Another purpose of the information presented on the Tesco PLC website is to inform and also to make them aware of the future developments

Updating knowledge:

Tesco PLC also have regular updates on its blog to allow customers to know of the difference that Tesco PLC are making for instance they donated 4.3 million meals to feed people in need this Christmas. They also present information on their website about sales figures/ new promotions. Knowledge also needs to be updated for employees on a regular basis and this is often done in meetings, reports and emails for example

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Informing of the future:

On the Tesco PLC home page it also has an investment link where you are able to find out about the investment that they want to undertake in the near future for example Tesco PLC want to launch their own healthy living brand. The information will be available to customers making them aware of the new superstore that are going to be created in the future, this information will also be available to managers as they will no the strategic direction they will have to take in order to make those builds successful. The purpose of ...

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