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Unit 4 P7 Outline electronic and non-electronic methods for communicating business information, using examples for different types of audience

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P7 Outline electronic and non-electronic methods for communicating business information, using examples for different types of audience Introduction: In this task I am going to outline the electrical and non-electrical methods of communicating business information, to the different types of audiences Non-electronic- Letter: Tesco PLC uses letter in many different ways in order to contact their many different departments and personnel, Tesco PLC uses letter to contact their suppliers with invoices, they also use letters to contact employees to inform them about personnel matters, Tesco PLC also use letters to contact their customers if they are replying about queries or complaints Memorandum: Tesco PLC don?t use memorandums as they are out dated and they tend to use up to date methods, memorandums is a written message in business that informs employees about a particular matter. Memorandum have now largely been replaced by e-mail and SMS Fax: Tesco PLC would use faxes in order to send through invoice sheets to their suppliers, they would use faxes to message or contact their internal or external customers. ...read more.


or service Electronic: The internet and WAP: Tesco PLC uses the internet and WAP in order to contact their customer, suppliers, and even employee. Tesco PLC would use the internet to respond to customer?s complaints or queries. Tesco PLC would also use the internet to contact their suppliers about new or existing product that they are interested in ordering and this would be done through email. Tesco PLC would also use the internet messaging service to contact their customers about personnel or non-personnel matters, employees are able to use the internet message service to contact their managers if they require help or if they have any enquiries. It can also be used for online sales, it is also used to order stick from their suppliers, they can also use it to source suppliers Touch screen: Tesco PLC use touch screen to access apps and tablets, Tesco PLC customers are able to use their tablets in order to order their products from online. ...read more.


Tesco plc would also use computers to access emails and also send them , they would also use the computers for research, ordering stock from suppliers, Tesco PLC would also use computers to source suppliers and to check their online sales DVD: Tesco PLC use DVD?s in order to show their employees about team building skills that they can use, they wouldn?t show DVD?s to their customers or suppliers as it would be irrelevant to show them a DVD about team building skills, Tesco PLC would also use DVD presentation in order to show the Tesco PLC employees how they have helped to achieve the position Tesco PLC are in know Mobile phone: Tesco PLC use mobile phones in order to contact employees in different department in the Tesco plc supermarket in order to get an instant response. Tesco plc also use mobile phone communication in order to contact customers about their queries or complaints. Tesco plc might also use mobile phone communication in order to speak to their suppliers about new order that Tesco PLC might want to make ...read more.

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