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Unit 9 Impact Of ICT on society

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Unit 9 Impact Of ICT on society Task 1 newspaper industry The effects of using a website that shows news items, on the newspaper, and individual reader, society and the environment. Newspaper If a website shows all the news items this can be seen as positive factor and a negative factor. The website will allow easy access for information to people across the whole world who may want to get into touch with the news and what is going on across the world. Because the news items are being displayed on a website this allows colour display of the articles and images which is not always possible in a conventional newspaper creating a better reading sensation. Because technology is revolutionising so fast the newspapers need to keep up with this technology and make sure they to update their work onto the net. The website will allow the newspaper to publish multiple articles without having to waste large amounts of paper and ink causing this scheme to be more environmentally friendly. The newspaper can also have database which contains all its previous articles and resources which would prove very popular for news enthusiasts. Because of the capacity of most websites they can store more information onto the database which has potential social implications as well. Traditionally it may have taken a large amount of paper to print the same coverage that now one website can store hence saving paper. The image of the newspaper would be improved as they will be known as a technologically progressive company. An individual reader An individual reader would benefit from the facility to be able to have access to multiple information within one website. He would not be restricted to only the news that was restricted to conventional papers but also other aspects such as forums with people expressing their views about the news. This creates more interactivity and more opinionated discussions rather than just being told the news and having no say bout it. ...read more.


Impact of website on environment and society The website has a good benefit to the environment and society in which it reduces the amount of paper that is being used as documents that would have formerly been printed out on paper can now be displayed on the website. The website may also have negative effects on society such as the fact that it would increase the usage of electricity; more people accessing the website within society would mean that there would be a higher emission of co2 which is quite dangerous. There would also be less interactivity between business and customer as 90% of the transaction would be completed through the internet. The use of ICT by sales staff, such as Mr Smith, when visiting clients. Mr Smith uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computers to assist the design process. Specialized CAD programs exist for various types of design: architectural, engineering, electronics, roadways, and woven fabrics to name a few. CAD programs usually allow a structure to be built up from several re-usable 3-dimensional components, and the components (such as gears) may be able to move in relation to one another. It is normally possible to generate engineering drawings to allow the final design to be constructed. The laptop can be used as an extremely powerful potable source of transferring large masses of data from one place to another. The laptop can be used by Mr Smith to show video clips and images. The laptop can be used to record data about the customer as part of a database. The laptop is linked directly with the digital camera, the digital camera can take pictures of the room and upload them into the laptop and using appropriate software he can manipulate these images and print them off using the portable printer. Because the digital camera will display the images instantly there is no need to wait for the images to get developed and the potential customer can look at the image and discard it if he/she feels that it is not suitable. ...read more.


Customers usually get cash back for on-line purchases; for off-line transactions, the amount is credited to your account. * Most ATMs will allow you to get a cash advance against the line of credit on your credit card, using your credit card and a separate PIN. You do not necessarily have to have a bank account to do this. Disadvantages of debit cards * Unlike a credit card, debit card transactions give you no grace period. They are a quick, pay-now deal. * They can make balancing your account tricky if you are not fastidious about keeping receipts and recording transactions in a timely fashion. It is easy to forget, for example, when you pay at the gas pump with a debit card and drive off without your receipt. * Using a debit card may mean you have less protection than you would with a credit card for goods that are never delivered, are defective or were misrepresented. But, as with credit cards, you can dispute unauthorized charges or other mistakes within 60 days. Contact your bank if a problem with a merchant cannot be resolved. * Fees -- The convenience can be costly, especially when using an ATM that is not affiliated with your bank. All the transactions on debit card are recorded and all the information about your location when you withdrew money or paid it in is recorded. If this was to be obtained by the wrong person can be crucial to the way you bank in the future as you will feel like your privacy is being invaded. Also the fact that your money can be occupied if someone gets your card and works out the pin, considering the technology these days it is possible to acquire information of a smart chip or magnetic strip using basic equipment. The debit card will also store information of the goods which you might have purchased. Companies will be able to see what customers are buying and use the data to promote goods and services. ?? ?? ?? ?? Harinder Singh 12923 9159 ...read more.

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