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Unit2 Business and Management

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Introductions (Task1) In this task I will talk about the interpersonal and communicational skills, in the task I will demonstrate a role play to identify my interpersonal and communicational skills. After I demonstrate the role play my colleagues will give feedback where I need to improved it, than i will mention how can i improve my interpersonal and communicational skills. Lastly i will mention how key management functions may be met more effectively through the use of key interpersonal and communicational skills. Findings P4) What interpersonal and communication skills can you bring and why? Interpersonal skills are the skills connected with dealing with the people and working with other efficiency to make the business success. Interpersonal skills are used often into business contexts to refer to the measure of a person's ability to operate within business organisation. Interpersonal skills including: * Working with other harmoniously * Evaluating and excepting responsibilities * Understanding measured to respond conflicts * Working in team effectively Working with other harmoniously means we need to make sure the teams are get on with there responsibly and to check them whether if they are working together with out no arguing, it is better individuals to work together to achieve the success of the business. Evaluating and excepting responsibilities means as a manager we have set a target for the employees and they can be used for the individual or teams, the manager has to chase the employees whether if they getting on the responsibilities that is been given individually or as teams, after that the manager has to evaluate the have achieved the target that is been sat if its acceptable or not. Understandings measured the respond of conflicts first full its generally understood that communicating respect other people or professionals within the work place will enable to reduce the conflicts. And increase participations or assistance in obtaining information or completing tasks. ...read more.


This all has a direct impact on the overall performance of an organisation because without a manager planning, there would be absolute confusion. When the business is setting strategic plan, is better for the business to draw SMART, which represented Specific, Measure, A Reasonable, Time. Aims and Objectives Aims means achieving a goal or target that you have set, for example: my aims is to achieve a successful Event Objective means how this goal or target can be achieved, for example: how can I achieve a successful Event. SMART The word SMART stands for Specific, Measure, Achievement, Realistic and Time, in every business should have a SMART objective, this helps business to know what they need to do. * Specific- the goal and the method are clear defined * Measured- the objectives should measured numerically * Achievement- humanly possible and the project have the all requirement resources. * Realistic- avoid the temptation of defining goal just because it fits nicely to the previous three criteria. * Time- the project must have deadline so that success can be measured Scenario 1: The Planning Process Now I going to planning an event that is about the student who graduated the University of CWC, the party will take place in river boat in the Thomas River, what I want to do to plan this party I will need to organise a price, date, invitation, people, security, food and refreshments, DJ The aims of this party are * Students to get to know more * Discuss about the next step * Share ideas and views * And plan the next reunion in the future The objective is: to achieve this aim successful, I need to plan the place that every students is allow to take with one of their partners, as well as all the hospitalities I have mention below and to provide a unique experience for all the graduate students. ...read more.


Decision-making Decision-making is compulsory in all projects. As a manager I have planned the party, and make the decision to negotiate all fundamental requirements of the party needed such as: hiring the boat, ordering the food, bar tenders and so on. Consequence of effective management Consequence of effective management allows business to go forward to the success point and to maintain reputation of the business. Effective management helps business to increase the productivity and to sell more by simply motivating the employees. If the employees are motivated they are able to work harder to increase the share price of the business. Effective management also helps employees to set a target and motivate them to achieve the target. If the employees achieve the target than the manager will give the employees bonus in every quarterly they make success. A good manager will give the employees the opportunity to involve and contribute some ideas in the business, and this also makes the employees more secure in their and increase their confidence. The more the employees motivated to work hard the more they achieve its goal; this will lead the business to make profit. Consequence of ineffective management Consequence of ineffective management will lead the business to the bad reputation. This is due to the lack of ability to manage the business. Ineffective management will make the business to produce the negative result by causing the employees' lack of motivation. If the employees are unmotivated they are unlike likely to work hard and this makes the business to produce negative profit, which will lead to negative share price. In addition if employees do not have even have the slightest degree of contribution in decision making then they are going to feel de-motivated and this might have a negative effect on their job satisfaction. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National Diploma in Business Unit2 Business and Management 1 Liban Yusuf ...read more.

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