Using and communicating business information at a Technology College.

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Verbal information:

Verbal information is when you have a face to face conversation. This helps you more to understand the basic point. Nowadays it’s not possible to meet any one in person to have meetings. Telephone communications are useful way to communicate. Speech enables complex ideas to be expressed and discussed. Talking is one of the most comfortable ways to communicate. In washwood heath Technology College the headmistress has verbal conversation with the teachers and the students. The teachers explain the task or the work to the students through verbal conversations. Like this it is easier to understand what the teacher expects from the students.

Written information:

Writings is the the use of physical symbols to represent words. Diagrams, pie charts and graphs can be used to represent the information. All forms of numerical representation can be included under this heading as well. Economic, social and technological development was produced with written information. In washwood heath Technology College there are books to to represent information and the tasks are set on written papers for them so they can work.

Multimedia information:

Multimedia means multiple forms of media integrated together. Media can be texts, graphics, audio, video and data. Besides multiple types of media being integrated with one another, multimedia can also stand for interactive media such as video games, Cd ROMs that teach languages. Washwood heath Technology College has multimedia presentations for students in the class rooms and along with that in the morning assemblies are held through multimedia so students can learn.

Onscreen information:

Information can be presented on screen. This can be seen in multimedia TV and CDROMs that combine texts, graphics, animation, audio and video. Different languages are taught through multimedia presentations to the students in W.H.T.C. in the morning assemblies presentations are held through multimedia presentations. The teachers have cds which they provide to the students so they can work with them and find relevant information for themselves.

Web based information:

Web based information displays many benefits of multimedia technology. Nowadays it is possible to get internet access anywhere around in the world. This is an advantage for the people because the information can be read anywhere and everywhere by any one. W.H.T.C has information played on its local website so the students can take help and work on it.


Updating knowledge:

It is imperative that businesses keep themselves updated with the changes going on around especially with their market. Information is required so the business knows how their markets are developing. They need to know how labour markets are changing. The business needs to know what economy is like and what news laws have been passed which are affecting their business. This helps the businesses to make accurate decisions. Wash wood heath technology college keeps its records updated about all it students even the ones who have left and the ones who have newly entered. It keeps a record about all its teachers and all the staff members in the school.

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Informing future development:

A business that does not adopt, develop and grow will quickly find itself left behind by the competition. A business will not launch a new product unless they do not have all the information they require like information about all the sales.  To launch any product certain research or information is required. Washwood heath Technology College has all the information required if they want to introduce a news subject for students or even if they want to hold up some events for their students.

Strategic direction and SWOT analysis:

Strategic management is the process by which ...

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