Using Information Technology to Replace Filing Cabinets.

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Using Information Technology to Replace Filing Cabinets.

Problem Identification

( The current manual filing cabinets contain huge amounts of client data and stock data, there are often miss filed records. Incorrect, out of date and lost records.

( Manually searching through these cabinets is very slow and this may disappoint clients who expect quick and accurate data.

( Clients may wish to access items they have ordered at the moment so they can cancel or change the order.

( With the current system there have been cases of people being sent the wrong item due to incorrect filing or data entry in the stock files. This is costly to the company as the items can be very large and can cost huge amounts of money to ship to countries that are far off, such as clients in the Middle East.

Profit and Loss

( The current manual system has no way of processing a Profit and Loss information accurately or efficiently. The only current way to do is to gather together a record of all incomes and outputs manually, which is very difficult as currently the billing and expenditure information is just hand written on blank paper. This is untidy and so hard to locate and process.

( The current invoice mailing system is very ineffective and inaccurate we aim to send out an invoice to a client within 10 days of their order. This s very difficult to do as the current staff can't possibly deal with these orders manually, as there is such large amounts of orders, which pile up. With the other functions the Secretary has to perform time is limited and mailing within 10 days is not feasible.
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( Currently processing invoices for staff wages is time consuming and inaccurate. At the moment we manually calculate the staff wages adding "tax and National Insurance." Working out percentages and calculate Net Pay is quite complicated and can result in errors.

We are having problems displaying our profit and loss in a simple manner. It is not easy enough to extract information quickly from a spreadsheet.

( At the moment sales aren't as high as we would like, part of the problem seems to be that we are not a well know brand and ...

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