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Video Rental System: analysis

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Identify a problem Video shop The owner of a video rental shop asked me to organise his business. He is completely disorganised and he is always losing important files and scraps of paper. The owner of the video rental shop bought a computer and asked me to devise a system for him. I decided to use a database system, which will help his business to be more efficient. . A record of all the videos has to be kept so that if a customer comes in and make enquires about a specific video, shop assistants can immediately inform them whether they have it in the shop at that time. ...read more.


He wants to see a record of customer's who hire videos so that overdue notice can be sent if required. The manager is worried about a competitor stealing the database and seeing the details of his customers. Therefore, he wants the system to be password protected. I am going to use a computer to solve this problem because it is more efficient ,fast and it also has back up disk so that if any files are lost it will still be on the system. It is also cheaper because less money will be spent on paper to record the details of customers. Below is an example of a questions that a customer may ask the shop assistant. A customer may ask the shop assistant if they have a certain video. ...read more.


In the current system I will interview possible users who use the same system like me. I will also use a computer to store information. I will also use a password to protect the data about customers so that only the shop assistants can use this system. I will also use a user guide to help the shop assistants Who are not familiar with this system. USE METHODS OF COLLECTING INFORMATION The method which I used to collect information from Potential users was a telephone interview. I obtained this information by phone up dealer who own a Video shop asking them if they can help me develop my current system. Most dealer did help me to design my system. By giving me points on what I should include in my system. The alternative method, which I could have use to collect Information from dealers was a questionnaire. ...read more.

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