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AS and A Level: Classics

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  1. Bacchus in Ovid's Metamorphoses Book 3

    Both are youths of an androgynous age, not deprived of effeminate features. Ovid reminds us that such an appearance portrays both sexes, and thus attracts either: 'Legions of lusty men and bevies of girls desired him' This theme of transsexuality is explored in the preceding account of Teiresias in book 3. Jove is contradicted by Juno when he says women derive more pleasure from sex then men. The joke becomes a legal dispute (Juno was infamously deprived of marital rights) and Teiresias is made the judge. Teiresias himself 'experienced love from both angles' as he was turned into a woman for seven years when he struck two serpents mating in a wood.

    • Word count: 1561
  2. 'What do we learn about the character of Dionysus from the Bacchae?' (including plan)

    "I will lead my maenads into battle" shows he is willing to become aggressive if Thebes does not worship him. When he is brought in to talk to Pentheus he speaks completely in riddles which to the audience gives huge dramatic irony and it also shows he is clever by playing with words and he knows that Pentheus will not understand so he is humouring himself while Pentheus tries to figure out what he means, but as we can see everything Dionysus says, Pentheus so naively does not catch on.

    • Word count: 960
  3. 'Hysterical and Vindictive' is that a better description of Electra or Phaedra? (including plan)

    However I believe she that the further through the play and the more we discover about her character, the more we would be tempted to call her 'hysterical'. This is especially obvious when she hears the news of her brother- Orestes- death. She exclaims 'My God! My God!', here she is so overcome with grief that she does become slightly hysterical but more heartbroken than anything. However she is not as hysterical as Phaedra is at the beginning of Hippolytus. Once the nurse in Hippolytus speaks to him and he becomes enraged, this is when Phaedra's vindictive side becomes apparent.

    • Word count: 894
  4. How far does Pentheus from Euripides' The Bacchae deserve his punishment?

    He says his worshippers are 'frolicking' and satisfying the lusts of men. He is basing these blames purely on rumour and even calls Dionysus a 'parvenu god'. He is not respecting the new god and even though he knows the gods can punish humans, he still refuses to worship him; he even states that he will leave him out of his worship when he goes to sleep. He calls him 'some foreigner' and disrespects him by saying he is a wizard conjuror and had fragrant golden curls, not meaning to compliment him but insult him.

    • Word count: 809
  5. czech republic

    Language Czech is the only official language of the Czech Republic, and it is spoken by about 96% of the population. Besides this, other languages can be heard here, particularly Slovak, German, Polish and Romany. Czech Symbols The Czech Flag The Large National Coat of Arms The Small National Coat of Arms The Flag of the President of the Republic: with a motto 'The Truth Prevails' The National Seal The National Colors: red, white and blue- the arrangement called the tricolor.

    • Word count: 2032
  6. Classical Civilisation AS coursework - the Mycenaean age

    Others were found in Pylos, Thebes, Athens and Iolkos. They were logically constructed and shared the same features, which proves there was a link between them. They were obviously not isolated from one another. One may assume Mycenae was the main palace and possibly had a primitive infrastructure connecting it to the other sites. The centre of the palace was a columned porch called a megaron (figure 1). A throne would have also been found on one side. This implies they had a King who held an important role in society.

    • Word count: 3209
  7. How typical is Polyphemus of those whom Odysseus meets on his journey home?

    Polyphemus does show some emotion towards his animals. Calypso and Circe both tempt Odysseus in order to entrap him. Circe uses her magic and Calypso her sexuality. Whereas, Polyphemus is a brute force and uses his strength to trap Odysseus and his men so he can eat them. Calypso and Circe change their attitude towards Odysseus and offer him Xenia - they therefore comply with the rules of Xenia. Polyphemus, on the other hand, ignores Xenia. Circe and Calypso help Odysseus on his journey but Polyphemus hinders Odysseus journey home. The only similarity that they all share is that they are the children of Gods. The Phaecians live in a civilised community whereas Polyphemus lives alone in a cave.

    • Word count: 700
  8. media content

    Only wooden beams and floorboards are shown in the advert, with plain white walls in the background. This helps you to focus on the main parts, which is the movement of all the different objects. The room is very big and looks like a house. It is very clean and natural looking. The main view is the different car parts and the way they move into each other to form a chain, which all ends at the Honda car at the end, which also moves.

    • Word count: 415
  9. Discuss the contribution of material culture studies to the understanding of social identity.

    The common assumption underlying material culture research is that objects made or modified by humans, consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, reflect the belief patters of individuals who made, commissioned, purchased, or used them, and, by extension, the belief patterns of the larger society of which they are a part." 2 Concerning Roman culture, Woolf defines it as "the range of objects, beliefs and practices that were characteristic of people who considered themselves to be, and were widely acknowledged as, Roman."3 It is believed that every man-made object required the operation of some thought and design.

    • Word count: 1931
  10. A commentary on the extract from Diderot(TM)s review of Vernet in the Salon of 1765

    The very next line "C'est comme le cr�ateur, pour la c�l�rit�; c'est comme la nature, pour la v�rit�", there is clearly a steady rhyming structure of A, B, A, B, which is creating a sense of a poem within a prose text, thus contributing to the idea of praise by Diderot. The idea of a poem within a prose text is a good technique used by Diderot to help him express his opinion and generate interest within the reader. The repetitive use of the word "quel" further on in the text supports the idea of incredulity at the amazing work Vernet has produced.

    • Word count: 997
  11. inagurual Comparisson

    President John F. Kennedy was elected in 1961. Kennedy chose "the Gift Outright" by Robert Frost as his inaugural poem. Whether by default or by direct choice it is appropriate for his era. This poem reflects America's finally having country. Although it had been over 200 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Kennedy's choice of poetry was symbolic of being freed from the oppression that long lingered over the new America. In "the Gift Outright" Frost writes, "Possessing what we still were unpossessed by, /Possessed by what we now no more possessed."(Frost line 6,7).

    • Word count: 819
  12. Ideological MEaning:women have curves

    Ana has the ability and grades to go to a 4-year college but her family cannot afford it (a problem we see every day). In the beginning of the film we see her avoid answering the question of what she will do after high school. She quickly dismisses the question, saying she would like to embark on a backpacking trip through Europe. As a viewer, we know that this is a false statement; her real intention is to hide her economic status from her schoolmates.

    • Word count: 642
  13. Velleius Gobbet

    In this section, he also talks about Augustus took the functions of the senate, the magistrates and the law. This is in complete contrast to Velleius' claims, who said that Augustus gave powers back to the republic, not taking them for himself. In section nine, Tacitus talks about a rift between people who thought Augustus was as true saviour and those who criticised his actions. This shows another contrast between Velleius' presentation of Augustus and this, as Velleius doesn't mention that there was a faction of people who criticised Augustus' actions.

    • Word count: 1215
  14. In The Course Of His Journey Odysseus Encounters Trouble From The Gods- How Far Do You Consider That Odysseus Is Responsible For His Trouble?

    Odysseus's troubles with Poseidon start when Odysseus blinds Polyphemus, Poseidon's son. Odysseus blinds the Cyclopes to save himself and his comrades, so that may not be his fault. However, Odysseus's pride is what brings Poseidon's wrath down upon him. Odysseus shouts back at Polyphemus from the ship, and tells him who blinded him, and this not only angers the Cyclopes, but also gives Polyphemus a name to curse. Poseidon in return sends rough seas that cause Odysseus and his men no end of trouble.

    • Word count: 732
  15. Odysseus Has No Feelings For The Women He Encounters In His Travels- Discuss

    He also listens to her advice about the underworld and about Scylla and Charybdis, which indicates respect for her. He does sleep with her- "I went with the goddess to her beautiful bed"- but this cannot be assumed to be out of affection, as it was under Hermes's orders that he did so. Similarly, he threatens to kill her, but as this is also under Hermes's orders, it does not indicate hatred. The fact that he does leave in the end is a fairly strong indication of how far his affection for the goddess goes, but again this could be put down to the persuasion of his men.

    • Word count: 1127
  16. According to the Res Gestae and Suetonius' Life of Augustus, how effective were Augustus' reforms to the Roman army and senate?

    The Res Gestae does, however, provide and insight into how Augustus himself saw life and times in the Roman empire. The second main source is Suetonius' Life of Augustus which is an account by a historian and biographer who lived and wrote about 100 years after the death of Augustus. He had access to the imperial archives so his accounts can be seen as mostly accurate. Nonetheless, the book is filled with gossip and rumours which cannot be taken entirely seriously.

    • Word count: 2142
  17. Literary Elements in The Bluest Eye

    All of which are located in Lorain, Ohio. The McTeer house, home to Mr. and Mrs. McTeer, Claudia, Frieda, and, for some time, Pecola, is conveyed to be a somewhat adequate living space for the family; however, it is by no means comfortable. Claudia describes the space as being old, cold, green, peopled by roaches and mice; yet, this dwelling was a white man's mansion compared to the retched condition of the Breedlove apartment. Hidden in the frame of an abandoned store, resided the equally abandoned bodies of Pecola, Pauline, and Cholly Breedlove. The building was a mirror of the very lives of its occupants; both were virtually invisible to the outside world, bland in adornment, and scarred by the effects of their pasts.

    • Word count: 889
  18. Great Gatsby

    White is most often associated with the first impressions of the wealthy characters, especially those with "old money", such as Daisy and Jordan. When first introduced at the beginning of the novel they are wearing white dresses, and at this encounter the reader is put under the impression that both Daisy and Jordan are honorable and innocent; however, this is later revealed to be a facade. Also, the name Daisy in itself is a use of white as symbolism. A daisy is beautiful with its unblemished white petals, but beneath lies a yellow center, which does not seem as pure as the outer appearance suggests.

    • Word count: 756
  19. Arden vs. Freddy - Creative writing.

    As Arden came down, gloating as he pounds his chest, mocking in a disrespectful manner, the Giants, lead by Kobe Bryant's son himself Freddy of the sharp eye. Arden walked up to Freddy like a mere child laughing as he said to him, "You stand no chance against me and my army of Raptors you fool, give up while you still have some pride left in you or I'll just have to take it all away."

    • Word count: 1168
  20. cuban missile crisis

    This was the first sign of d�tente. Also, soon after this happened, a hotline was setup between Moscow and Washington. This allowed the two countries to communicate with ease. Before the hotline was created communications were difficult and took days to plan and arrange. By creating an easy and swift means of communication between the two superpowers, any issues or problems could be solved much faster. This is another event that had a positive impact on the two countries relations. The Nixon doctrine stated that America would only get militarily involved with situations that directly effected America, and so, America would cease defending; freedom and democracy in other countries, and its allies.

    • Word count: 618
  21. The limits of my language are the limits of my world(TM). Discuss the implications of this statement and consider how far you agree with it.

    Pupils in Poland study quite a lot about patriotism and values. A structure of a Polish school teaching is completely different to English one. Everyone in Poland has to learn Polish language and history until they are 19. Most of books they have to read refer to a hero attitude, death, Poland and its history, justice, anti-Semitism, wars and concentration camps. We are being taught information that will shape us in some way and will help us to answer a question: Am I a patriot?

    • Word count: 738
  22. Compare and contrast the use of language by characters in two situation comedies, for example: The World According to the Kiepskis and Na Dobre I na Ze. Pay particular attention to such aspect

    "Kiepski" is being a term roughly translating to the English term poor or crappy). Language that has been used in "The World According to the Kiepskis" is an example of restricted code. Characters in this sitcom are quite limited and they have a basic use of syntax. When we watch it, we automatically know what they are going to say. The most common phrases that are being used are: mate, shit, crap, hag, asshole, fogey, mug. Another thing showing us that this is a restricted code, is that they pronounce some words incorrectly. The characters is that sitcom are quite specific.

    • Word count: 976
  23. "Lysistrata is Funny As a Play but Not As a Character." Discuss.

    rippling muscles". Lampito is worried that they are "feel(ing her) over" as if they were about to sacrifice her. Not only is there visual humour here but also an element of satire. It is likely that, at the time that the Athena Polias at the time was called Lysimakhe, obviously a name very similar to Lysistrata in meaning as well as sound. There was also a priestess called Myrrhine at the same time serving the temple of Athena Nike. It satirises the priestesses' methods of preparing and testing sacrificial victims.

    • Word count: 1933
  24. Compare and Contrast the Characters of Agamemnon and Jason. Which Do You Think is More Deserving of Their Fate?

    When Agamemnon first arrives on stage he thanks the gods for his victory and safe return home. When Medea challenges Jason and attacks him for what he has done to her, despite all she has done to help him, he claims that although she did do some things, the one who helped him the most was Aphrodite. Both Jason and Agamemnon are either not arrogant or stupid enough not to thank the gods for their achievements. All four parties, Jason, Agamemnon, Medea and Clytemnestra have deceived their counterpart at some point. Agamemnon sends for Iphigenia without telling her or Clytemnestra what he plans to do.

    • Word count: 1671
  25. To what extent is the theme of gender confusion used to create comic effect in Aristophanes' The Poet and the Women?

    The first character we encounter is Mnesilochus, who, in Act I Scene I, is preparing himself to look like a woman so that he may able to blend in at the Thesmophoria festival. Euripides, having decided that he must send his in-law Mnesilochus to the Thesmophoria to defend him against the women, shaves Mnesilochus' face, singes his private area (says Euripides: "Now stand up and bend over, I've got to singe you"[1]) and dressed him in a yellow gown, girdle, wig and shoes (all belonging to the effeminate Agathon), in an attempt to create a feminine look.

    • Word count: 3998

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